our story

In 1902, the Milwaukee Gas Light Company began construction of what was known as the West Side Water Works. The campus was originally designed to facilitate the coal gasification process which provided the coal gas used to light street lamps throughout the City of Milwaukee. The buildings were planned and designed more than a century ago by Alexander Eschweiler. During this time period, coal gasification was a common means of providing the gas for street lamps and homes in cities throughout the United States and Europe.

In years that followed, Milwaukee became the epicenter of the beer industry. Barons such as Schlitz, Pabst, Best, Miller and Blatz defined the industry a century ago and made Milwaukee the beer capital of the world. Fast forward to today: the brewing operations of many of the Founding Fathers have disappeared locally. But make no mistake: their vision hasn't died. It has simply evolved - and the tradition continues as Milwaukee is now home to a legion of fine craft breweries.

In 2012, the concept behind 4 Brothers Blended Beer Company began to ferment. In 2013, the 4 Brothers brand was launched with a shared vision and collective passion to bring the joy of beer to an ever-growing cadre of craft beer enthusiasts. We worked hard to develop relationships and establish distribution, which has given us the opportunity to now become a "best-in-class" craft brewer. In 2014, 4 Brothers began the search for the perfect site for its brewing, retail, office, entertainment, hospitality and distribution operations. Also in 2014, 4 Brothers realized that to fully maximize future opportunities, the business would have to transition from a family operation and partner with individuals who could provide additional resources, skill sets and industry experience. 

We are honored to now be partners with former brewing industry executives, local business and civic leaders, experienced entrepreneurs and successful investors - many with strong local ties and all of whom have personalities, character, and core values that match their professional accomplishments.  

With an incredible excitement, a humbling recognition of the historical significance of the West Side Water Works campus, an acute recognition of Milwaukee's legacy of brewing expertise and a proud sense of stewardship to respect the lore of yesterday and meet challenges of tomorrow, we proudly announce that 4 Brothers will open a craft brewery utilizing two of these iconic campus buildings and re-launch as "The City Lights Brewing Company."