Special City Lights Update

This Tuesday, we’re celebrating Tax Day at City Lights. Bring in your completed tax return, enjoy a celebratory beer and send your tax return off in style.

This Saturday, 4.14, is Milwaukee Day!

Jimmy the Brewmaster’s Mexican Lager is a enjoying wildly surging popularity. This delicious Mexican-style Lager has a special twist with the late addition of Motueka hops in the brewing process to accentuate flavor and aroma notes of fresh lime.

Everything that’s cool

This week, City Lights just may be the epi-center of everything that’s cool, hip, happening and exciting. Congratulations to our 2108 NCAA Basketball prognosticator...

Weekly Update

I am proud to report that both beer aficionados and category trialists have confirmed that our recently released Mexican Lager is an outstanding beer. Taproom sales of this deliciously refreshing beer surpassed those of our signature Coconut Porter over the weekend.

Blessing of the Beer

Our most special tradition at City Lights is the “Blessing of the Beer.” Each time we release a new beer style, we have the beer blessed.

Today is Pi-day

Today is Pi-day (3.14159….), a celebration of the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. In recognition of the circular phenomenon, all pints will be $3.14 from 4-6PM today.

Pi, Belgian Wit and more!

Next Wednesday, 3.14, is International Pi day (3.14159……) To commemorate this circular phenomenon, all pints in the City Lights tap room will be $3.14 from 4-6PM. Stop in for a round!