A Festive Summer Indeed

My personal trainer told me I should have a protein shake every evening at 11PM. That is whey past my bedtime...

Summer Solstice. Free Beer. Lasso a Keg.

Today we celebrate the first day of summer at City Lights Brewing Company. Stop by from 5-7PM and your first beer is free as we kick-off an exciting summer season....

Milwaukee's RiverWalk

Proposal would extend Milwaukee's RiverWalk from downtown into Menomonee Valley. 

Doubling Down

For a brewery that is only four months into its existence, we sure have locked in a special tradition with the “Blessing of the Beer” to celebrate the release of each new beer style. Last week, we were honored to host Rabbi Levi Brook as he blessed the Coconut Porter. L’chaim!

Magic Continues

Last week’s celebrations for Cinco de Mayo and Derby Day were overwhelming successes. The Beer-garita was our top selling item on Friday and the Beer-mint julep enjoyed the same designation on Saturday...