After a couple of weeks of musical tributes woven into these brilliantly written, thoroughly enjoyable and extremely entertaining updates,  the time is now to usher in a new era and exclusively focus on our common bond – the soon-to-be jewel of the Menomonee Valley and all of the magic that will encompass the City Lights Brewing Company.

A City Lights enthusiast recently contacted me and asked what a typical week would be like when we open this summer. (I’m hopeful she asked about “a ‘typical’ week” and not “an ‘atypical’ week.”)  Here’s a sneak preview of a typical week:

Bends and Brews

What better way to take the sting out of the stress of the work week than by limbering your lumbar on the City Lights balcony? Overlooking our promenade and the peacefully flowing river and om-enhancing waters below, each Saturday morning at 10AM, like-minded yogins will connect to restore their (chaka) chakra and then enjoy a complimentary 12 ounce chaser of one of our deliciously refreshing beers. Bends and Brews will be the best way to start the weekend since “The Breakfast Club!” Tickets for each session will be available shortly on Eventbrite. (And for maybe fifty-cents more, the Bend and Brew series will also be offered Thursday’s at 5:30PM.)

Tour and Tapppers

The rich history and iconic buildings of the City Lights campus will provide the background for a brewery tour and tasting experience second to none. The architectural brilliance of our buildings’ original designs will serve as a subtle metaphor for the wizardry of our beer formulations as tour guests will get an insider’s perspective and (cher) share a “behind the scenes” look into the complexities and nuances of the beer process.  Tours will be offered daily and tickets will be available shortly on Eventbrite.

Special Events

I’d like to think any event held at City Lights will be a special event! Our incredibly talented CEO (Chief Experience Officer) Krysta ( has a passion for executional excellence and will orchestrate and coordinate each event flawlessly. City Lights’ unique space will be the perfect venue for special occasions of all types - rehearsal dinners, company parties, “seal the deal” celebrations, holiday get-togethers, family reunions and business meetings.

What’s up? Pop ups!

I’m especially stoked about the special beer/food pairing events that we’ll host at City Lights. From pop-up weekend brunches featuring a dazzling array of locally sourced ingredients, local chefs and locally-located foodies, our offerings will be fun, entertaining, educational and exceptionally delicious. Our special beer and food pairing dinners will delight and inform in a charming atmosphere combining great food, great conversation and great City Lights beers. Tickets will be available soon on Eventbrite.

Live Entertainment

On weekends, City Lights will be the happening place with an eclectic array of local musicians that will make the City Lights experience even more enjoyable. The featured artists will represent a variety of music genres and performing both original creations and crowd-favorites alike - and maybe even a cover or two from the royal family of music legends, Queen, Prince and the King himself, Elvis. And that’s the last music reference ever, thank the Lorde!
Cheers and Namaste!