We’re beginning the process of assembling a team of extremely dedicated and passionate individuals to ensure that the beer we brew is of the highest quality possible and that the City Lights experience is second-to-none. In an interview with a candidate I described the zeal, tireless work ethic, sense of humor, intelligence and welcoming hospitality that will define our team members. I asked, “Can you describe yourself in one word?” She answered, "Hired."  Well played, newest City Lights team member. Well played!

Exaggerator won Saturday’s Preakness by the widest margin in the entire history of horse racing. In a related update, Exaggerator boldly predicts winning Sunday's Indy 500.

This weekend we observe Memorial Day and are overwhelmingly thankful to the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice protecting our cherished American way of life.  Our gratitude to those who have given their lives and our compassion for their families and loved ones is unending.

Here’s Brewmaster Jimmy featured on Channel 12 news:

We’re meeting today with the City Plan examiner to get final approval for the detailed construction plans and to get the necessary licenses and permits to begin our build-out.  Though this process has been seemingly longer than the gestation period of an elephant, the end result will be worth the wait as City Lights will be an epic destination, brewing great beers that make thirst worthwhile.

Milwaukee is one of three finalists to host the Beer Bloggers and Writers annual conference in 2017. City Lights Brewing Company is proud to be a part of the collaborative efforts of Milwaukee-area craft brewers and civic organizations to land this prestigious meeting: Check it out here:

And finally, I asked our newly hired team member how our guests might describe the City Lights experience in one word. She replied: