I am an eternal optimist.  In preparation for an angling expedition, I visited the local bait shop and asked to purchase a “catching” license. Needless to say, the clerk was not amused.

The awseomeabilityness of City Lights Brewing Company is at an all-time high because our build-out schedule is finally in place. Talk about feeling gruntled and feckful!

We’re hosting a private, corporate, pre-construction event next week. The City Lights campus is so beautifully engaging that even the raw space has a magical aura and ambiance. Check out the photographical wizardry highlighting our buildings from our good friend Kris Hinrichs: https://kristinehinrichs.smugmug.com/City-Lights-Post/n-hsp8T5/i-nDxXxsc

The finished space will engender a sense of wonderment and awe. If you’re planning a special event, we’d love to connect to discuss City Lights Brewery as a potential venue. The distinctive architecture, the compelling 115 year history, the idyllic river-side setting and the “it" factor of the brewery all combine to serve up a location that could make your special event even more so. Holiday parties, company outings, birthday parties, rehearsal dinners, family reunions, fund raisers, celebrations, college graduations (but not for child prodigies under the age of 21) and “let’s just partay” are all perfect occasions for our iconic buildings, tasty brews and incredible service.

Akin to “rope a dope,” subliminal advertising is something marketers have done for ages. Over the past few weeks, we’ve utilized a slight variation of this technique as a marketing research tool to help determine the favorite background color for our can designs. Each week, white, silver, cream and black cans have all been featured atop these quintessentially quirky weekly e-mail updates. The results and feedback have been fascinating and insightful. If you have a color preference, please circle back with me with your selection and reasons.

And speaking of “rope a dope,” congratulations to Muhammad Ali for winning both in the ring and in life. Ali was truly an inspiration and this crazy little world of ours is better because of him. RIP Champ.

Brewmaster Jimmy and his brewing team have requested a centrifuge to accelerate the clarification process. It is getting increasingly apparent that the brewing team has the unique ability to outspend even an unlimited budget. But no worries, our commitment to you is that we will brew world class beers and we'll spare no expense in the quest for brewing perfection. (My suggestion that we clarify the beer a tad bit more economically with the spin cycle of a Kenmore was summarily dismissed.)

Our attention to quality, consistency and brewing excellence is evident in the persona of our QC/QA Director, Mary Pellettieri. Mary literally wrote the book on quality for craft brewers having authored “Quality Management – Essential Planning for Breweries” https://www.brewersassociation.org/educational-publications/quality-management-essential-planning-for-breweries/ . Mary is a passionate and accomplished professional and we’re humbled to utilize her expertise for your tasting enjoyment.

And finally, as I wrapped up my optimistic fishing expedition, I was amazed to see a school of carp motionless in the shallow water beneath the pier. As I bent over to get a closer look, my wallet popped out of my back pocket. A carp caught my wallet in his mouth and passed it on to the next carp.  I had never seen “carp-to-carp walleting” before. Needless to say, I was amused.