Despite his 11th place finish in Saturday’s Belmont Stakes, Exaggerator described his performance as the “best ever.” In a post-race interview with reporters, Exaggerator announced that since he has dominated every race he has entered, he has decided to run for the President of the United States. Exaggerator then asked rhetorically, “How many horses’ asses are now in the race?” (Technically, Exaggerator didn’t speak directly to reporters; instead he spoke through his official interpreter, “Mr. Ed.”)

City Lights was recently profiled in a brilliantly written feature by Lori Fredrich: . Congrats to Lori on a great article, to Alexander Eschweiler for an epic design, to the early 1900’s for some great history and to you, our future guests and friends for making the City Lights Brewing Company magic possible!

When City Lights opens, our focus will be on brewing the highest quality beers possible. Quality will permeate our very existence and will be the foundation of our raison d’etre (not too often French sneaks its way into a beer convo. Unless, of course, we're talking about "saison" a French-styled farmhouse ale.) Our focus on quality beers will be evidenced by the fact that our beers will eschew (great word) snappy and clever names. (That said, a beer named “Yes! Yes! Yes! I’ll Have What She’s Having” would be extremely popular with its great body and smooth finish.)  We’ll have four great beers available at your favorite retailer: IPA, session IPA, Brown Ale and Amber Ale. All of our retail offerings will be packaged in cans. Beer’s enemies are light and oxygen – and cans will provide the ultimate vessel to protect the art, passion and expertise of Brewmaster Jimmy’s creations.

Out taproom selection will include our four classical stylesmentioned above plus an ever-changing Experimental IPA, a Russian Imperial Stout, an Imperial Amber and a Pale Ale.  All will be available both on tap and for “purchase-to-go” with our state-of-the-art “CROWLER” system - 32 ounces perfectly packaged in flavor preserving and freshness saving airtight, sealed-on the-spot cans.

Our private corporate event this week was an overwhelming success. The iconic buildings, the idyllic setting and the history of the campus all combine to make City Lights an ideal setting for special events. Technology expertsfrom leading Milwaukee-area corporations came City Lights to talk shop, share camaraderie and geek out.

And finally, Exaggerator never really had a chance in Saturday’s Belmont Stakes. The Creator trumps an Exaggerator every time.