Everyone knows that if a meatloaf is too dry, it will crumble. Last week, legendary musician “Meat Loaf” slowly crumbled to the stage during a performance and later attributed his fall to “dehydration” (which re-emphasized the need to always have the right moisture level in a meatloaf.)

His longtime drummer was first to offer aid to the fallen musician. When advised to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the singer he replied “I’ll do anything for love, but I won’t do that.” Thankfully, Meat Loaf fully recovered from his collapse and thus didn’t see paradise by the stage door lights.

The Brewer Magazine recently highlighted the burgeoning craft beer scene in Milwaukee. Brewmaster Jimmy added some great backdrop and thoughtful insight into the craft phenomenon that is driving a new wave of excitement for Milwaukee and its unique (and now forward looking) craft beer heritage: .

We’re working through a couple of unanticipated glitches in the permitting and build-out process.  Truthfully, we’re behind our original timeline, due in part to the above referenced snafus and probably an overly optimistic projected finish date from yours truly. Fortunately, we’re working with the incredibly talented team Matt has assembled at Rinka Chung and an awesome General Contractor, Adam Kirshner’s ADK Design. Thanks much to the combined efforts of Adam and Matt and their respective teams, we’re hoping to close the finish gap faster than the Cavs finished the Warriors.

Brewmaster Jimmy and his team have been using the extra time to continue to perfect the uniquely special City Lights product line. Formed from a combination of passion, expertise, innovation and experimentation, our City Lights beers will make thirst worthwhile! Jimmy’s focus has been on honing recipes, systems and processes to make the City Lights tasting experience an event – time after time. 

We’re working on a variety of options to provide food choices for our guests. My front runner right now is to purchase an “end-of-its-useful-life” Airstream trailer and retrofit and repurpose it into a stationary food truck. We’d then partner with an emerging chef from MATC, locally source ingredients and offer up food pairings that would satiate your hunger, delight your palate and perfectly compliment the amazing City Lights beer you’ll be enjoying in our idyllic setting.

And finally, please accept my apologies for the fact that two of the Meat Loaf references were funny, one was not – but hey, Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad!