If I had a fault, it would be that occasionally I might have a slightly overly-inflated opinion of myself. Today’s hearing with the City Plan Commission may just have confirmed that.

The meeting was scheduled for 1:30 PM at City Hall. Because of Opening Day traffic, I took the side roads. Arriving downtown, I was amazed at the police presence and the number of news trucks and television crews. It took me a couple of minutes to realize that these were there, not to feature my Plan Commission presentation on the local news, but rather to film the candidates of both parties and their last-minute rallies and town halls.

Upon arriving at City Hall and the 3rd floor chamber room, I was once again amazed at the size of the crowd. Newspaper reporters, television crews and a packed room full of suits claimed every single chair. Along with Jimmy and Dan Kabara from Rinka Chung, we were introduced to the Plan Commission and eloquently stated our case. I glanced behind me to the gallery and realized that it was standing room only.  The commission voted unanimously to support our minor modifications.

As I walked down the aisle, Rocky Marcoux, the City Director of Development shook my hand and congratulated me.

As I got further down the aisle, I recognized faces in the crowd and subsequently found an agenda to learn that Agenda items 3-8 were focused on the Milwaukee Bucks and the proposed new arena – hence the crowd!

Special thanks to Dr. David Ryder for his attendance and support and to Dan Kabara for an extremely effective and professional presentation of a stunningly beautiful design.

Have the best “Coldest Brewer’s Opening Day ever”