Normally the Rinka Chung conference room is tranquil, professional and immersed with an air of quietly creative decorum.

Yesterday’s session with the design team was quite the opposite with raucous applause, booyahs, huzzahs, spontaneous ovations and enthusiastic affirmations. Why? Check the below preliminary renderings and you too will be moved by a spirit of wonderment and sense of awe.

Under the expert tutelage of design guru Matt Rinka, Senior Project Manager Dan Kabara and  Project Designer Alex Van Osten are to architectural wizardry what Simon and Garfunkel are to harmony, what Dolce and Gabbana are to fashion, what Trump and Cruz are to feuding politicians, what Posh and Becks are to celebrity couples, what Smith and Jones are to aliases, and what Bill and Ted are to excellent adventures.

We’re grateful for the expertise and partnership of the Rinka Chung team, thankful for the vision and support of Frank Guiffre and the Mallory Properties professionals, unabashedly excited and unwaveringly passionate about the magic the will be The City Lights Brewing Company!

Have the best “Brewers’ pitchers and catchers report to spring training in two days” day ever!