I was once accused of using hyperbole, but that was a gross exaggeration!

It is with un-embellished pride that I announce that the City Lights Campus will soon be recognized along with the Roman Coliseum, the Great Wall of China, the Hanging Gardens of Babylonia,  the Christ the Redeemer Statue of Rio de Janeiro, the Taj Majal and the Great Pyramid of Giza as one of the Wonders of the World!

Under the creative eye and tutelage of the Zen-master of design, Matt Rinka, the City Lights buildings will soon be transforming into an iconic celebration of American architectural wizardry.  Alongside of the Empire State Building, the Golden State Bridge, Mount Rushmore and the Seattle Space Needle, City Lights will be distinguished with the added advantages of world class beer, a team of zealous enthusiasts with a tireless work ethic and the coolest assembly of stakeholders since the world became wondrous.

Congrats to Matt and his Rinka|Chung team for making the vision of City Lights world class.

And thanks to you for being with us on this world-class journey!

Have the best day after Ground Hog day ever!