Is it just me, or does the above photo make you thirsty? Jimmy the Brewmaster and his team can’t wait to begin brewing world class beers that make thirst worthwhile! (And thanks to Meg for rocking the pic.)

I plan on leaving the country. The decision has nothing to do with the recent Presidential Election. I just really enjoy traveling to foreign destinations.

The recent news about noted brewer Dr. David Ryder joining City Lights as our Chief Innovation Officer generated some significant buzz – both locally and nationally:

After a raucous World Series celebration, a Cubs fan and a Sox fan got into an altercation in the elevator traveling to the top of the John Hancock Observatory. That is wrong on so many levels.

Once again, photographical virtuoso Kris Hinrichs outdid herself with this week’s update:

Things around the campus are percolating with excitement, energy and effort. The brewing tanks are being piped and workers will be on-site seven days a week until the job is completed. The amazing crew working on the cooling system reports that this is one of the most challenging, but enjoyable, projects they have ever encountered. There will be over 1200 linear feet of glycol cooling lines installed at varying heights as we are piping beer brewed from the Power House into the Condenser House for fermenting.

The new overhead doors and historically exact windows look amazing. If the eyes are windows into the soul, our windows are eyes into the soul of the brewery. You will be amazed. I am every day when I see the beauty that resonates from these campus buildings.

The outdoor cement was poured last week and additional concrete work is planned for tomorrow. We will install an ADA accessible ramp into the Condenser House and begin the sidewalk paving so your “arrival experience” when coming to City Lights Brewing Company is unmatched.

Background work and site prep have begun for the upcoming installation of the City Lights sign which will eventually be placed atop of the Power House. It has been a true pleasure to work with Mike Kinsella and the Poblocki Sign team. The sign will be an iconic “old school” beauty.

Jimmy the Brewmaster’s description of his signature Session IPA mirrors the City Lights mission of informing, delighting and amazing:

Session IPA

Even though the session IPA is lower in alcohol content; it is still full of hop flavor and aroma. That’s why we choose to enjoy this beer out of the Craft Master Tumbler to fully enhance the delightful aromas we worked so hard to get into this beer.

In a sense, the Session IPA is the standard IPA’s little brother. Packed with just as much hop aroma and flavor; but slightly less body and alcohol content so you can enjoy a few more without falling off your barstool when you get up. With Centennial, Cascade, and El Dorado hops, ringing in at 50 IBUs with many late addition hops and a healthy dose of dry hops; this beer is sure to please the hop heads. With a touch of caramel and victory malt, there is just enough malt backbone to balance out the hops in this beer. At 4.5% ABV this beer is true to its name and is quite sessionable.


A summer beer drinkers’ delight, we’re reminded of post lawn mowing refreshments, tossing bags with friends and family at get-togethers, sitting around the bonfire at the campground, or setting up shop on the pier with a bobber and a worm while you’re waiting for the fish to bite.

Food Pairings

Great with summer salads, grilled chicken, turkey burgers, or a decadent carrot cake for dessert. And for the heck of it; maybe try it with some bacon. ###

I am thinking that the recently deceased Miss Cleo has a brighter prognosticator future than current political pollsters.

And finally, the laborious task of writing copy for the soon-to-be launched City Lights website continues. Here is an excerpt from the FAQ section:

Will City Lights have a shuttle to and from Milwaukee Brewer games?

Home games only. We briefly considered all games, but the timing and logistics of both an East Coast and West coast shuttle were daunting. We’re conveniently located only 5 or so minutes from Miller Park.  With plenty of free parking; tokens for both to and fro trips will be given with the purchase of one of our delicious beers from our tap room. (The exception will be for Cub fans, they will not receive return transportation.) (Fun fact: the City Lights Tower is visible from the right field upper deck of Miller Park.)

Have the best weekend ever since a contentious presidential election ended!