On Monday of this week, I witnessed one of the most epic juxtapositions that I have ever seen. In the Power House, the 20 ton overhead crane that was utilized 115 years ago to maneuver huge vats of coal used in the gasification process was once again used to properly position five state-of-the-art brewing kettles. It was a sight for the ages!

The Milwaukee County Zoo recently introduced its newest addition, a 4 year old black rhino named Jozi. It is hoped that Jozi will eventually mate with another black rhino for the continued survival of this endangered species. I visited the zoo and saw a baguette behind the bars in Jozi’s enclosure. I think it was “bread in captivity” mojo.

With all the post-election rancor being expressed on Facebook and Twitter, I think these communication mediums should be re-named "unsocial media."

Jimmy the Brewmaster and his brewing team helped with the erection and positioning of the brewing deck. After the deck and the brewing kettles were united in a stainless steel marriage, Jimmy and the team stood on the deck and envisioned just what the future willlook like. From my perspective on the mezzanine level above the Power House, I couldn’t decide who had the bigger smile; Jimmy, Dr. Ryder, or the brewers. Thanks Ryan and Paul!

On Friday of last week, our good friends at Mallory Properties arranged to have the roof of the Power House freshly painted in preparation for the installation of our City Lights sign. Hovering 150 feet in the air on a windy day isn’t my idea of how best to kick-off the weekend, but the painting team safely brought the roof back to its turn-of-the century glory. High fives guys. Very, very high fives!  

When I first saw these magnificent buildings that will house our brewing, hospitality, retail, packaging and distribution operations, I was immediately struck with just how potentially interesting the tour portion of the business would be. On Saturday, this was unequivocally confirmed. At the suggestion of Menomonee River Partners, we hosted a tour that featured iconic Milwaukee manufacturing sites. I was at the front door and personally greeted 65 or so of my newest, best friends and watched in delight as their eyes widened with a look of awe as the entered the “Power House.” Jimmy the Brewmaster then regaled them with the building’s history (including the riveting story about the Carnegie steel.) Collectively, I think this group thought this was one of the most impressive tours they have ever participated in. If time was not a factor, I believe we would still be there answering questions.

Kris Hinrichs  has a streak of incredible photos longer than Milwaukee’s record for above 50 degree days. Celebrate the magic of both before the weather turns on Saturday:

And finally, truckloads of equipment and brewing supplies have begun to arrive at City Lights. I am happy to report that my pallet jack expertise still has got some major game. I got no forklift game, but I rock the old school pallet jack.

Have the best pre-Thanksgiving Day weekend ever!