For reasons unbeknownst to me, I have been invited to the Official Inaugural Ball celebrating the commencement of the new term of the President of the United States. Getting to Moscow in mid-January is going to be challenging.

Though I have never been to the North Pole to observe the elves feverishly working to complete their tasks prior to Christmas Eve, I suspect their frantic pace is not unlike the tsunami of activity happening at City Lights. Jimmy the Brewmaster and his team are busy preparing the brewing kettles for their inaugural voyage.  Though I didn’t see him, I suspect it was Santa who delivered the ingredients which will be magically combined to produce some magical brews.  Here’s a profile of one of our soon-to-be-famous beers:

IPA | ABV 7.2%  |  IBU 75  |  SRM 7.2

Centennial. Cascade. Citra. Eldorado. This American-style IPA is defined by citrus-forward hoppiness with a delightful aroma. At just over 7% ABV, intermingling flavors permeate the senses and provide a lingering and caressing mouthfeel. At circa 75 IBUs; hop additions are artfully balanced with many late additions to offer a beautiful aroma and hop forward flavor that is just right. Hops are balanced with an elegant use of 6 different specialty malts to masterfully round out the beer.

A sipping beer of extraordinary quality meant to be enjoyed with friends. A true all season beer; anytime and anywhere. Backyard BBQ, at the ball park, winding down after a long day’s work, or for the best reason of all; just because you want one.

Great with sharp and tangy cheeses (because Wisconsin) or dishes with a little bit of spiciness and heat to them. And of course, bacon.

Our external grain silo arrived and was installed yesterday. It is truly a thing of majesty and beauty and will make a bold statement for the “arrival experience” for guests visiting City Lights. As a testament to our planning expertise, more of the 1902 Eschweiler-designed windows will be installed today and tomorrow, as the temperatures plunge to sub-zero. Under the direction of maestro Adam Kirchner, the build-out of the brewing and packaging areas is nearing completion and the focus is now on the hospitality area.  With all due humility and objectivity, I cannot image a cooler place to enjoy a fantastic beer or two than in the City Lights tasting room.  There’s a profound sense of pride and an increasing excitement as the project moves into its last phase and all who are working on the project can sense the specialness. The subcontractors have united as a team and it is not uncommon to see the electrician helping the plumber or the carpenters lending a hand to the HVAC installers.  Their pride in the project is palpable.

I read an article on the internet about fake news stories. I wasn’t sure if the article was real.

If you’re in panic mode and hectically searching for something truly special – R-E-L-A-X; the City Lights store has an array of some of the coolest wearables since Santa first donned a red suit:

The City Lights tour experience will be unparalleled (partially because our small groups won’t be queued in straight lines.)  With only eight spots available for an intimate group experience that promises to be informative, educational, experiential and entertaining, demand is sure to exceed supply. Check it out here: .

In one cozy corner of our tasting room will be a comfy leather couch, chair, ottoman and table. Though most people know the table as a “coffee table,” ours will be truly unique in both its cool design and its description, not as a “coffee table” but rather a “beer table.” And sitting atop it for your viewing pleasure will be a “beer table book” featuring the incredible photographs from our good friend Kris Hinrichs:

Wishing you the Happiest of Happy Holidays!