Jimmy the Brewmaster and Dr. David Ryder were discussing the flavor profiles, tasting notes and the subtlety of the marriage of hops and malt s in our soon-to-be-brewed City Lights IPA. I pointed out that the word “subtlety” has a subtle letter “b.” They were not amused.

We were honored to have brewing icon Dick Leinenkugel visit City Lights Brewing Company this week. Dick is the consummate professional.  He is as nice personally as he is professionally accomplished.  Dick exudes a genuine vibe that personifies his family’s legacy of 150 years of brewing excellence.

Over the past sixteen weeks of the build-out, we have been on-site seven days a week.  I have witnessed a cultural phenomenon listening to the music selections of the various subcontractors. Ironically, the metal workers listen to heavy metal and the electricians prefer techno/electric. No, the carpenters weren’t grooving to the tunes of Richard and Karen, but they were blaring Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl.” I pointed out the paradox:  If you get Jessie’s girl, she is no longer Jessie’s girl and thus you have obtained nothing. They were not amused.

Jimmy the Brewmaster has recently transitioned to “Jimmy the Forklift Driver” after shipment after shipment of equipment and supplies have arrived. I have unwittingly been transitioned from “Robin the Quipmeister, Deep Thinker and Weekly Update Writer” to “Robin, get that frigging pallet jack over here now.” Big thanks to our awesome unloading team headed by Andy, Ryan and Paul for camouflaging my lack of strength with compensating logistical brilliance. Most shipments have been received without drama. We’ll soon be brewing the most incredible beers ever!!!

More stainless tanks arrived today and they are mammoth – as large as 90 barrel fermenting tanks!  I asked the equipment riggers if our City Lights Tri-blend T-shirts were de rigueur for the fashion forward. They were not amused. But amuse yourself with a selection of some of the coolest wearables ever assembled: .

The inventor of the yoyo recently passed away. The graveside service didn’t go as planned as each time they attempted to lower the casket it rolled back up.

Kris Hinrichs was on-site this weekend and “Ish” and his team hammed it up in hopes of landing the coveted cover if we release a coffee table book. This photographical essay would chronicle how these buildings have been artfully and lovingly restored to the beauty originally envisioned by architect Alexander Eschweiler and subsequently repurposed to accommodate state-of-the-art brewing and hospitality operations while retaining their turn-of-the-century character.

A big shout-out to Adam, Kim, Mary, Mayte and the entire ADK Design Team. It has been a pleasure to work with such incredible people on a project so amazing! Big love to all.