Season’s Greetings,

 The pipe-fitters are connecting the brewing tanks. QTS’ Jimmi-Jean dispatched eleven of her professional pipe-fitters in  a much appreciated effort to accelerate the installation process. Eleven pipers piping is a great thing this time of year!

Jimmy the Brewmaster is sporting quite the facial hair. I have nominated him for a “James Beard” award.

Giuliana Rancic and Ryan Seacrest are heaping lavish praise on the City Lights apparel collection. Why not give yourself some red carpet love?  http://citylightsbrewing.com/shop/

Here is the first listing of lucky dudes and dudesses who won coveted City Lights T-shirts: Mary Von Schmidt, Tim Abair, Bernadette Beugnet, Lenore Buss, Kathy Dillett, Peggy Wuthrich, Lisa Meyers, Lauren Hogan, Sean Egan, David Bech, Brett Tomczak and Dave White. Please e-mail your mailing address and preferred size and congrats on scoring some prized swag!

City Lights tours will straddle yesteryear’s history with tomorrow’s brewing technology. These small group tours will be intimate, educational, entertaining and thirst quenching. Get a group of friends together for a uniquely Milwaukee event; or come by yourself and meet new, like-minded friends. You can reserve your spot here: http://citylightsbrewing.com/tours/#tours-1

In the past 16 weeks she has been chronicling our progress, the artfully magical eyes of Kris Hinrichs have framed an incredible 5,798 photos!



A selection of these photographs will adorn the walls of our tasting room. The tasting room will also feature some of the coolest lighting since the first sunrise! Dan and the design team are delighted with their selections. How about enjoying some great brews illuminated by the warm glow of caged LED Edison bulbs garnished with a brushed bronze finish to match the style of the early 1900's? (We’re using LED bulbs because we’re environmentally enlightened.)

I was feeling a little sheepish yesterday and wished someone, “Season’s Bleatings.”

And finally, if we were to name our beers (which we aren’t) our Christmas Seasonal would be “Lords a Leaping.” Jimmy the Brewmaster suggested that we sell this hypothetical beer in six packs. I said “No, it will be a twelve pack. 12 Lords a Leaping!”

Have the best Christmas Season ever since Santa started driving a sleigh!

Holiday Cheers,