In a timely salute to the “trifecta” of shopping occasions (Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber-Monday) is now LIVE!!! Log-on and check it out. You can purchase the latest City Lights fashion-forward wearables for those special people on your gift list, or even treat yourself to some awesome apparel. I bought a City Lights Hoodie. (I know, you’re questioning why I had to purchase one and not get comped, but the boss man runs a tight operation to ensure our resources will be directed towards making the best beer possible for you.)

I wore the Hoodie today. It is as soft as a wispy cloud on a warm summer day and I was amazed with the comments I received. I’m not sure I actually look 10 years younger and 15 pounds lighter, but hey, I’ll take it – City Lights garments rule the cool school!! (And a special shout out to our triumvirate of the "Divas of Design."  Cory, Megan and Meg worked expertly and tirelessly to pull the website and merchandise together. Thank you!)

We think tours at the City Lights Brewery will be incredibly interesting, entertaining, informative and thirst quenching! Our tours will be limited to small groups. With this intimate group size, we will be able to more closely focus on each individual and deliver an extraordinary tour experience. You can book your City Lights tour here:

We also believe we will have the most knowledgeable, personable and engaging tour directors. Jimmy the Brewmaster and Dr. David Ryder will be amongst the rock-star tour leaders guiding you through this enchanted land of brewing utopia known as City Lights Brewing Company.

Tom Petty wrote “Free Fallin’.” Tom Pettier would have charged for the fall. Tom Pettiest would have filed a personal injury lawsuit over the fall.

The dream that was once City Lights Brewing Company is quickly becoming a reality as evidenced by the photos from Kris Hinrichs.  (And the reality is, her photos are dream-like!)

Jimmy the Brewmaster is living large as he oversees the installation of the piping of the brewing equipment. (Personally, I love being in meetings on the brewing floor with Jimmy and QTS’ Jimmi-Jean when someone asks a question and each phonetically calculates to whom the question was directed to.) That said, Jimmi and her QTS team are incredible partners.

We visited Abbot Laboratories yesterday with our QC/QA guru Mary Pellettieri to purchase some gently used lab equipment. One of the items on our shopping list was a device to weigh raw materials. Our Abbot host presented us with a myriad of options and didn’t think it was as funny as I did when I asked, “How would you rate these on a scale of 1-10?”

With Thanksgiving on Thursday, appreciation is at the forefront of my mind. It would be impossible to even begin to express our gratitude to those many, wonderful people who have accompanied and supported us on this magical mystery tour called “City Lights Brewing Company.” Thanks to you for being along with us and a warm embrace of gratitude to the greatest collection of shareholders, stakeholders, partners and family members ever.

Have the best Thanksgiving ever!