Fact: City Lights Brewing Company will open to the public on February 1st at 4PM. Alternative fact: all the pre-opening work has been done and we’re just chilling.

To combat the stress involved with the opening, completing the build-out and stretching the cash until we are revenue positive, I recently started practicing yoga.  Several vendors have called and left messages about my outstanding balance. That is nice, but kinda creepy too.

The magical photographs of Kris Hinrichs continue to amaze:



Kris and I will be collaborating on a “beer table book” featuring the “best of” her pictures. Right now, due to Kris’ photographical brilliance, we have edited the book down to just a tad fewer than 5,000 pages.

Here is a timeline slide-show of the build-out progress from the beginning to now:


Jimmy the Brewmaster and the brewing team have been working around the clock to ensure your taste buds will dance the happy dance when they taste the magic of City Lights brews. The team is on their third round of batches for each beer and the results will amaze you.  The Session IPA is phenomenal!

I arrived at the brewery a little after six this morning and the team had already unloaded a full truck load of cans and was starting the day’s brewing. In related news, Jimmy the Brewmaster asked me to use this e-mail to send his love to his wife and children.

Geoff Davis of ADK Design has passionately, tirelessly and artistically created the most beautiful bar top you will see anywhere. The bar top was pecky Cyprus wood that we retrieved from a southern river where it had been submerged. Geoff’s efforts are a reflection of the City Lights’ commitment to make every touchpoint a magical one.

Four of our servers and bartenders have achieved the prestigious designation of a “First Level Cicerone.” Congratulations to Alissa Furco, Alexandria Husting, Mark Lewis and McKenna Steiner. We could not be prouder of each of you.  Jimmy the Brewmaster is delighted that the passion, knowledge and experience of the brewing area will be mirrored in the tasting room.

And the build-out could not have been completed on time without the efforts of 3 to 5 million workers. Though you might not be able to find proof that they were here, I can assure you they were.

Looking forward to pouring you a beer on Wednesday.