Jimmy the Brewmaster’s Doppelbock is almost ready! Here is how our Chief Innovation Officer Dr. David Ryder describes it: “The lollapalooza of all lagers, City Lights Doppelbock makes a powerful initial impression at 7% ABV. The finely wrought mellow, malty, character fills the mouth with a lively zestiness balanced with an even-handed dispensing of Hallertau hops at about 17 IBUs to provide a faint flowery finish. Suggestions of hazelnut around mid-glass give body and character to the mouthfeel eventually exposing a chocolate veneer on the sides of the tongue. This lager’s soft, well-calibrated malty-sweet aspect comes to the fore as the beer warms on the palate and is soon transformed into an appealing light-caramel quality, courtesy of the 7 specialty malts used in this recipe. A firmer, more defined malt character finally embellishes the roof of the mouth in this must-have example of this classic German style. In the words of a Prussian poet, ‘God bless the woman who gave birth to the brewer!’ Prost!”

One of our team members came to me and said that she was sad and unhappy. Using my incredible life-coaching skills, I told her we would work together to turn things around.  She is now unhappy and sad.

Jimmy and the brewing team will be brewing a coffee stout, collaborating with the coffee wizards at Stone Creek Coffee. Next on the horizon will be a New England Pale Ale. Jimmy will double dry hop this brew using Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic and El Dorado hops.

The Milwaukee Bucks return to the MECCA tonight for a 7pm tip-off against the Boston Celtics. There isn’t a better way to transport from the present to the past than with the City Lights shuttle.

City Lights’ guests are the coolest people in the world! Last evening as one of our guests pulled out his debit card to close out his tab the bartender said, “Chip in.” Three guys from a different party pooled their funds to help pay his bill. 

Kaleigh the Yogini is looking forward with peaceful serenity to our inaugural “Brewmaste” on Saturday November 11 at 10AM. This is an hour-long yoga session followed by a complimentary City Lights beer, good cheer and oneness of community.  Space is limited so kindly e-mail me to ensure you will be part of this joyful fusion of minds, hearts, bodies, souls and taste buds.

Friday night at City Lights will be spectacular. Our costume contest features $500 in cash and prizes and unlimited smiles and giggles. Jen Citron will be on hand for complimentary tarot card readings. Special surprise guests will be on hand (though you may not recognize them in their costumes.)

The excitement continues Saturday evening with The Evan and Tom Leahy Band doing a “Deadhead” set beginning at 7PM. This isn’t Uncle John’s Band and even if you are not a friend of the devil their harmonic melodies will ripple.

Thanks to all for their continued support of City Lights. Our entire team is passionately and tirelessly working to ensure each of your touch-points with City Lights is a magical experience.