Jimmy the Brewmaster and the brewing team are en fuego! The Doppelbock is outstanding!

Pat McCurdy is playing this evening at City Lights. If you haven’t seen Pat, you are in for a treat. If you are amongst Pat’s legion of fans, come on down for some good ole “Sex and Beer!” (Yesterday I was putting up a poster promoting Pat’s appearance and a guest told me she was a big country fan. I asked her if her favorite big country was China.)

This Friday evening, Ryan McIntyre takes the stage. Simply put, Ryan is phenomenal.

The brewing team recently met at Stone Creek for tastings and sensory evaluations and a collaborative planning session for the soon-to-be-brewed Coffee Stout. The sampling was extensive.  And our brewers rock when they are over caffeinated

Ben the Chef’s new menu has been extremely well received. His wings are receiving rave reviews.  More than a few guests have enthusiastically stated that these are the best wings they have ever had. Come on in and taste for yourself.

Last Friday’s gala Halloween Bash was highlighted by Jen Cintron’s Tarot Card readings. Jen was shorter than most of the guests with whom she shared insights into tomorrow. It was great to have a small medium living large at City Lights.

Advance registration for our Brewmaste Saturday morning yoga series are strong. Beginning Saturday November 11th, get your “OM” on at City Lights followed by a complimentary craft beer of your choice. Yogini Kaleigh will guide you to a place where the whole Universe resides and when you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us. Please e-mail me if you are interested to reserve your position.

And to those of you who enjoyed a City Lights beer or two at your favorite restaurant, bar or take-home from a City Light’s retail partner, we are honored that you chose us. Thank you! And thanks to our awesome distributor network for their much-appreciated efforts. To be Frank, we have the best distributors in the industry.

Jimmy the Brewmaster is preparing to brew another 60-barrel batch of our beloved Coconut Porter. Jimmy meticulously and lovingly roasts the coconut at his home.  The delightful aroma of coconut will envelope his house and waft into the neighborhood over the weekend.

Hope you have your best weekend ever (and all weekends are better with City Lights beers!)