Today, City Lights Brewing Company opens at 4PM! I am hoping to have the privilege of greeting you and watching with unbridled joy as you soak in the ambiance and savor some of the most delicious brews ever.

We’re not sure what to expect today. What you can expect is a majestic infrastructure featuring incredible beers served by an enthusiastic staff passionate to make your City Lights experience magical. Nine of our team members have already received the prestigious designation as a “FIRST LEVEL CICERONE.”

A “Brazillion” is a really, really lot of bras.

Kris Hinrichs has been mentioned in these updates almost as many times as Jimmy the Brewmaster. With good reason. Each is a master of the respective craft:




The Wicked Urban Grill food truck will be onsite this weekend for your culinary delight.

Quite a while ago, my good friend purchased two, 50 yard line tickets to the Super Bowl at $3000 each. He didn’t realize when he bought them that the Big Game would be on the same day of his wedding. If you are interested and available on Sunday, he is looking for someone to take his place….The wedding is at noon at the Church of All Saints. The bride’s name is “Monica.” She is pretty, has a great job and will be wearing a long, white dress.

Our incredibly interesting tours are booking fast: Reserve your spot here: http://citylightsbrewing.com/tours/#tours-1 . The tours will feature intimate, small groups and will include an “up close and personal” look at the brewing equipment. This week’s tours will be led by our rock star brewers, Ryan Burac and Paul Johnston.

And finally, I close with a heartfelt thanks to the many individuals and organizations that accompanied us on this journey and made this magic possible. Too numerous to mention, you know who you are – you are: Cory and the CYD Design Team, Matt and the Rinka Chung Team, Adam and the ADK Team, Jimmi and the QTS Team, Frank and the Mallory Properties team, Corey and the MVP Team, Mike and the Poblocki Team, Rob and the Berlin Team, Mayor Barrett and The City of Milwaukee Team and the greatest group of suppliers and vendor partners ever assembled.