I slathered myself in coconut oil last evening. It was in response to recent complaints that due to my laser-focus on the brewery I was no longer a good glistener.

Pre-brewery, I was usually sound asleep by 8:30PM. These days, I frequently find myself working a young man’s hours; closing the brewery and returning home after midnight. To restore the karmic balance in nature as a result of my shifting circadian, I have begun driving in the middle lane of the freeway at 55 MPH with my blinker continuously on. I have also begun to ask every millennial I see wearing ripped jeans, “Hey, do you know your jeans are ripped?”

Jimmy the Brewmaster and his brewing team have received numerous accolades for their original four beers. And it will keep getting better! All recipes were originally developed on a small pilot system, then scaled up to our 30 barrel brew system. Each subsequent batch has been tweaked and we’re closing in on awesomeness.

Once the original 4 beers have been perfected, Jimmy the Brewmaster will be collaborating with Dr. Ryder on some truly unique offerings. Though it is only rumor and speculation, I wouldn’t be surprised if they brewed something not seen in this country and revive a 300 year-old recipe from England! Stay tuned for further information.

Of all the photos Kris Hinrichs has taken, I absolutely love her “Welcome to City Lights” album. The picture of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett toasting our opening is heartwarming. Thanks Kris!

As you can see when you click on the above links, the City Lights experience is something truly extraordinary. Experience the magic up close and in person with a special City Lights tour:

Tours are booking fast and only limited spaces are available this weekend.

Our friends at Johnson Brothers are doing an awesome job keeping up with the burgeoning demand for our brews. Some on-premise accounts are experiencing “same-day-sell-outs” of our kegs. Special thanks to David Kenyon and his team for their hard work, dedication and extra efforts to ensure you can enjoy your favorite City Lights brew where and when you want it.

Yesterday we commissioned our canning line. Today we begin canning our first run of 5,000 cases in preparation for our retail launch. Why cans? At City Lights Brewing Company, it is our goal to provide you with a deliciously balanced, fresh, high quality and consistently excellent beer. Whether you get a pint on draft at the brewery or purchase a 6 pack 500 miles from the brewery, we want you to have the same tasting experience. Packaging beer in cans will be a big part of that equation. Packaged beer has two main enemies: light and oxygen. When packaged correctly, cans eliminate those variables. Cans are also a fraction of the weight of glass, making them more environmentally friendly to ship. And cans are also very easily recycled. But what about the metallic flavor you ask?  Today’s aluminum cans are lined with a water-based polymer to ensure the liquid gold inside tastes as good from the can as it does straight from the brite tank. So let’s raise a glass, or better yet a can, to cans!

I am overwhelmingly proud of the dedication and passion our team has for beer and for making your City Lights experience second-to-none. Congratulations to these team members for receiving the prestigious designation as a “Cicerone Certified Beer Server:” Alissa Furca, Mandi Neumann, Bob Mikulay, Mark Lewis, Alexandra Husting, Jack Radichel, Erika Danelski, Ian Dahlinghaus, Andy Gohsman and Sandra Boskamp. I am honored to have the privilege to work together with each of you.