I was leading a tour on Sunday and I went down the roster asking attendees to confirm their presence. Two tour goers confused me when I asked if they were in the house.  Phonetically, Jeff responded “Yes.” Geoff answered “Yeoss.”

Jimmy the Brewmaster and his team having been working extremely long hours to ensure all the delicious goodness of City Lights Beers are available when and where you would like to purchase and consume our phenomenal brews.  After his third consecutive 15 hour shift last week, Jimmy and I agreed that opening a business was way more fun than operating a business.

But what a privilege it is to operate a business to brew, serve and sell beer for your enjoyment!  And this week our retail distribution rollout begins with our launch at Pick ‘n Save stores throughout the region. City Lights Brown Ale, Amber Ale, Session IPA and IPA will be available at all stores – look for special displays and promotions!

The sounds of Irish music blaring in the brewhouse yesterday could only mean one thing: Irish Red Ale is in the tanks. Join us on St. Patrick’s Day! We’re opening at 6am to tap the first keg of our Irish Red Ale and the day promises to be our best Irish celebration since...forever!

Here’s how Dr. David Ryder describes City Lights Irish Red Ale:

“Like St. Patrick wielding a blackthorn shillelagh, City Lights launches its authentic Irish Red Ale with an Irish wallop on March 17th, starting at 6 am. The first mention of an Irish Red Ale was in a poem in the 8th or 9th century from County Kerry; City Lights has used this recipe as an inspiration for its re-creation. Exhibiting a deep, reddish copper hue, this traditional Irish Red Ale gives way to a toasty, dry roasted flavor with a pleasing drying finish. Roasted barley augments the woody, roasted character offset by a kiss of malt sweetness at mid-palate. The subtle hopping provided by Golding, Willamette and Cascade hop varieties advance a frisson of hop bitterness which also offsets the mild, sweet finish with a light, citrus aspect which lingers in the aftertaste of this satisfying Irish treat. The mild aftertaste and the lush, thick white head are continually replenished by the ongoing effervescence which tickles the tongue as beer lovers savor this unique and delicious Irish Red Ale. We expect this re-creation of the original recipe for Irish Red Ale to be eminently sessionable to our discerning tasters at City Lights where we are already establishing our reputation for uniqueness and authenticity. “

Here’s how I describe City Lights Irish Red Ale: “Effing awesome!”

The calendar flipped on March 1st and so did the names who punched our throw-back time clock during the month of February. David Bouquet logged in on an impressive 10 days, winning first place and a City Lights to-die-for hoodie. Rudy G snared second place and a City Lights T-Shirt. Peter O.B. already picked up his City Lights polo.  Kali N and Stacy win a City Lights filled growler. Tiff and Jesse each win a City Lights glass. Thanks to all. We are honored to have the privilege to serve you. Each time you visit City Lights, please clock in!

I have a Palindrome phobia.  My doctor prescribed Xanax. Quite ironic.

Our City Lights tours continue to draw rave reviews. Limited to small groups, these tours highlight the history of the business, the magic of the buildings and offer an up close and personal look at the brewing process. Most tours sell out on-line in advance. Here is a link to reserve your spot:

I am getting increasingly excited about the warm weather that is just around the corner. We’re looking to finish our outdoor seating area, offer food options and host special events like our “Arts and Craft” series.  And look for a special announcement regarding our Guinness Book of World Record “Cornhole” aka: “Bags” tournament.