City Lights Brewing Company was recently featured in’s article, “12 Breweries in Historic Buildings: Reviving and Restoring the Past.” Check it out here:

Our guests have loved the convenience of our complimentary shuttles to Milwaukee Brewers' home games. With free parking and a short five-minute ride to the front gate, it is a great way to check out America’s pastime. While the Brewers are out of town this week, our shuttle has been in the design shop getting some branding touches installed. Next weekend, stop by for a brew and go to the game in style!

Our all-star beer lineup continues to expand with delicious offerings crafted by Jimmy the Brewmaster and his team. Next Saturday, we will release City Lights Pale Ale. Here’s how our Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. David Ryder, describes the brew: “This powerful version of a mid-western pale ale sweeps the palate with mango, lemon, citrus, tropical fruit and stone fruit, additionally accented with earthy pine and green pepper flavor notes. This multitude of flavor sinks deep into the taste buds, briefly clinging to the roof of the mouth to enliven the palate adding zest. Flowery citrus notes dominate by mid-serving masterfully integrating with the patina of bitterness that finishes with a 5.5 ABV snap. The palate cleansing hop character comes courtesy of Mosaic and Equanot hop varieties from the Pacific Northwest. As the pale, tawny and orangey-gold body warms an intriguing volume of effervescence drives the mouthfeel and momentum to its lively citrus refreshing conclusion A knockout, clean and forcefully unique pale ale!”

Regular readers of this update (some of the way-coolest people in the universe) know that we have a special tradition at City Lights – the “Blessing of the Beer” each time a new brew is released. Though each ceremony has been special in its own way, next Saturday’s “Blessing of the Pale Ale” promises to be epic. Baptist Minister Pastor Dexter Trice will officiate the ceremony scheduled for noon on 4/22. It is possible his gospel choir will accompany him! Hope to see you there. Amen.

City Lights will be closed Easter Sunday because all the hops that day belong to the Easter Bunny.

Join us on Sunday, April 23 for our inaugural KP Patrol Adoption Extravaganza. Adoptable dogs will be here with their foster parents on harnesses and leashes (the dogs - not their foster parents will be leashed.) Come and meet your future forever four-legged friend! Approved applicants can take their dog straight home from the event. Here’s some more information on this great organization:

A heartfelt thanks to our retail and hospitality partners. It is a privilege to provide our consumers with the opportunity to enjoy a City Lights beer where and when they prefer. We are grateful and honored that City Lights beers are available in a wide variety of grocery stores, liquor stores, restaurants, bars and taverns throughout the area. It is my goal to personally visit and thank each City Lights account.

I can neither confirm, deny or comment on the widely-circulating rumor that Jimmy the Brewmaster plans to brew a Coconut Porter next.  I can confirm that a Russian Imperial Stout is not on the horizon.

Have your best weekend ever!