We’re excited to announce our Grand Opening Celebration that will begin the Thursday before Memorial Day and continue throughout the weekend. Five days of incredible beer, live entertainment, give-a-ways, special promotions, shuttles to the Brewers games, extraordinary eats and surprises galore.  The weekend will be so epic I am tempted to call it, “Not quite THE Big Gig, but a Big Gig none-the-less.” 

Today at noon we are honored to be hosting the Menomonee Valley Business Association luncheon. Corey, Michelle and Catrina are awesomeness personified.  The resurgent Valley is robust because of the collaborative efforts of an incredible consortium of stakeholders, companies and individuals. City Lights is beyond proud to be at home in the Valley.

Last week we continued with our special tradition of “the Blessing of the Beer” when we released our beyond-wonderful American Pale Ale. Even more wonderful was the magical blessing of Pastor Dexter Trice accompanied by his Voices of Faith gospel choir. The entire building was filled with a palpable spirit and energy. Halleluiah!

Our next beer to be released is our Coconut Porter. Here’s how our Chief Innovation Officer Dr. David Ryder describes Jimmy the Brewmaster’s latest masterpiece, “This Coconut Porter’s bright, pleasing malt character is cradled in a soft, cushiony, smooth mouthfeel that literally glides easily down the throat at each swallow. Lip-smacking hints of coffee and chocolate readily move across the tongue as the dark body gives up its aromatic coconut roastedness. Northern Brewer and Willamette hops provide a mellow treat most fully enjoyed slowly from a City Lights goblet glass where the emerging and progressive nutty aspect of this coconut porter takes center-stage at mid-palate.  Well-rounded and bursting with flavor, the flavor integrity is maintained until the very end as the exceptional smoothness terminates with a malty expresso finish. The hazy black body gives picturesque support to the ivory-colored foam. At about 5.5 ABV, City Lights Coconut Porter is a fine sessionable libation for Springtime or…for any time of the year!”

The blessing of the Coconut Porter will be officiated by Rabbi Levi Brook on Sunday May 14 at 1PM. Please plan on joining us. Mazel Tov and L’Chaim.

Special thanks to K9 Pawtrol and Central Bark Menomonee Valley for a very special Sunday at City Lights. A number of rescue dogs found their forever homes and a few more adoptions are pending. It was a special day. And a shout out to Patty Koberstein who won the cash raffle and donated her $122.00 in winnings back to K9 Pawtrol. Thanks Patty, you rock and your generosity was a big factor in the $750.00 that was raised to help support the great work of K9 Pawtrol.

I don’t believe there’s a more convenient way to get to and from the Brewers games than on the City Lights shuttle bus.  Great beer, the special City Lights ambiance, free parking and the quick shuttle ride  to Miller Park should be in your plans if your planning to enjoy “America’s pastime” this summer.

Thanks for the privilege of your time and have the best weekend ever when the weather doesn’t appear to be very good.