Three out of four people represent 75% of the population.

For a brewery that is only four months into its existence, we sure have locked in a special tradition with the “Blessing of the Beer” to celebrate the release of each new beer style. Last week, we were honored to host Rabbi Levi Brook as he blessed the Coconut Porter. L’chaim!

As per usual, Kris Hinrichs magically captured the specialness of Saturday’s ceremony with her brilliant photos:

Rabbi Levi joins an illustrious group of incredible individuals who have previously officiated these special ceremonies including Jesuit priest Father Bill Johnson, Native American Chief Redman, Presbyterian Minister Pastor Beth Patton and Baptist Minister Pastor Dexter Trice and his Voices of Faith choir accompaniment.

Our next beer to be released is Jimmy the Brewmaster’s long-awaited “Double IPA.” To commemorate its release, we’re circling back and doubling down with Pastor Trice and the Voices of Faith again.  Join us at noon on Saturday for something that will amaze, delight, inspire and entertain you as Pastor Trice blesses the Double IPA and shares some soul lifting music. “Can I have an Amen?” “Can I have an Amen?” (Asked twice in honor of the Double IPA.)

Here’s how our Chief Innovation Officer Dr. David Ryder describes the Double IPA, “This powerful version of a Double IPA at 8.5% ABV relies less on malt character and more on a sprinkling of piney flavor and aroma with hints of citrus courtesy of the Chinook, Simcoe and Amarillo hops used in this unique recipe. Brewed to sweep the palate as it subsequently caresses the throat, this goldenrod-amber high profile beer stays sharply focused throughout the drinking experience. The beer’s strong flavor balance coats and invigorates the mouth to linger longer with textural interest. This, in turn, propels a determined mouthfeel that leaves plenty of interest on the upper palate. In the end, the tension between the strong-willed hops and any other restraints makes this IPA a joy for beer lovers to savor. Here’s to the heart that fills as the glass empties!”

Last week we started serving up tasty bites from our own always-here food truck to great reviews. Our current menu will transition to include expanded offerings and delectable brunch dishes, but for now Ben the Chef is serving up a menu featuring tailgate staples including cheeseburgers, bratwursts, hot dogs and pretzel bites. Come on down and get your delicious on!

I couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate a warm afternoon than in the idyllic setting of our beer garden; sipping on a delicious brew while the river ambles gently by and the sun kisses the day. Evidently, 50 or so moms shared the same thought as they celebrated Mother’s Day here with their families and were refreshed with complimentary “Momosas.”

Our beer-tails will be back this summer. Alissa the Bartender’s “beer-garita” will become a weekend staple and wait until you taste her twist on the Arnold Palmer. Refreshment to the delicious max!

We are proud and honored to have Beer Capitol Distributing and the Frank Beverage Group partner with us as we expand the number of outlets where you can purchase your favorite City Lights Beer. 

It is an incredibly exciting time at City Lights and we are honored to have the opportunity to share the magic with you.