My personal trainer told me I should have a protein shake every evening at 11PM. That is whey past my bedtime.

A special shout out to Draft Magazine for highlighting City Lights as one of six craft breweries across the country for “best in class” online content: .  And an even louder shout out to Cory, Megan and the CYD Design team: for their creative brilliance and design wizardry.

Tomorrow, we kick-off “A Festive Summer Indeed” with 12 straight days of celebration, live music and special promotions. Here’s the lineup:

Wednesday June 28: $1 off your 1st beer.
Thursday June 29: $1 off hopsicles. $2 off any food item.
Friday June 30: $2 off growler fills. Complimentary Brewers' shuttle. Live Music – Mas Soul 7-10PM.
Saturday July 1: 10AM open for brunch. Orange Wheat Ale Release. Blessing of the Beer with Pastor Dexter Trice and the Voices of Faith Choir at noon. $2 off Orange Wheat Ale all day. Complimentary Brewers' shuttle. Live Music – Swing and a Miss 7-10PM.
Sunday July 2: 10AM open for brunch. BOGO any brunch item. Complimentary Brewers’ shuttle.
Monday July 3: 10AM open for brunch. BOGO any brunch item. Complimentary Brewers’ shuttle.
Tuesday July 4: 10AM open for brunch. $4 signature beer pints all day. Complimentary Brewers’ shuttle. Live Music – Anthony Deutsch 11AM-2PM.
Wednesday July 5: $1 off your 1st beer. Complimentary Brewers’ shuttle.
Thursday July 6: $2 off any food item.
Friday July 7: Free growler with any fill. Live music - ADHD Blues 7-10PM.
Saturday July 8: Open 10AM for brunch. BOGO any brunch item. Live Music – Sugar Still 7-10PM.
Sunday July 9: Open 10AM for Brunch. BOGO any brunch item. $7 bottomless beermosas.

Congratulations to Summerfest on the 50th anniversary of the Big Gig. And a special congratulations to Penfield Children’s Center on their 50th anniversary too. We had more fun imaginable with last Saturday’s “Lasso the Keg” fundraiser for Penfield. Cheek-busting smiles and belly laughs ruled the day. Check out a few of Kris Hinrichs’ photos here: .
I spent the weekend searching the internet for U2 lyrics and I stillhaven'tfound what I am looking for.

Jimmy the Brewmaster, along with our Chief Innovation Officer Dr. David Ryder and our awesome brewing team have brewed some magical ales. Look for a game-changer as Jimmy is planning a Vienna-style lager using Tettnanger and Hallertau hops and the brew will lager for two months! Tomorrow Jimmy will be firing up the pilot system and brewing a Belgium-style Blond destined for a firkin - to be later joined with the freshest of fresh apricots.
There are a vast array of entertainment and hospitality options Milwaukee. The City Lights team and I are profoundly honored to have served many of you and we will continue with a passionate zeal to earn the privilege of your business.

We hope to see you as we celebrate this festive summer.
God Bless America,