Circle August 16th on your calendar and be here for the incredible Pat McCurdy:

The much-anticipated and limited release of our Coconut Porter in 16-ounce cans happens this Wednesday at 4PM at City Lights. Be here and immerse yourself in the excitement! Our taproom allotment is sure to sell-out quickly and we’ll have a strolling ukulele player on-site for your entertainment enjoyment. (I’d like to say our Coconut Porter has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity, but that would be grammatically incorrect as meteors actually fall!) If you can’t join us Wednesday, look for Coconut Porter cans at your favorite retailer, bar or store next week.  (And a special shout out to Cory, Megan, Lauren and the CYD team for one of the coolest designs in the industry.)

This Thursday, our partner and all-around great guy Bill Engibous celebrates his birthday. In honor of this special occasion, any person with the first name of William (or any derivative there-of: i.e. Willie, Wilhite, Williemae, Will-I-Am, etc.) will receive their first beer free at City Lights on Thursday. And if Will-I-Am is in the house of Thursday, look for black-eyed peas to be the featured side with any of Ben the Chef’s delicious entrees. Happy Birthday Bill! 

A selection of delicious City Lights Beers is available at select vendors at the Wisconsin State Fair including The Micro, Slims, Knuckleheads, Rupenas, Robert’s, and the Wisconsin Products’ pavilion.  Here’s some love our Coconut Porter got on a Morning Blend segment from the Fair: .

Question: “Will President’s Trump’s rapidly-plunging approval rating be lower or higher than our highest ABV at year’s end?” (Jimmy the Brewmaster’s incredibly smooth Double IPA has an ABV of 9.2%).  And if we released a beer and named it “Kellyanne Conway” would it be extremely bitter or extremely sour?

Paddygrass brought down the house at City Lights on Saturday. Big love to Derek Byrne and his mates for an awesome performance.  Rinkl Fish rocks the stage Friday and Derek Sallman Saturday. Both performances start at 7PM.  Please do yourself a favor; watch the Trishas rendition of “Too Old to Die Young”

The Milwaukee Brewers reclaim first place this week with home games Wednesday-Sunday. Stop by for a burger and a delicious beer and hop on the quickest shuttle to Miller Park in town.

This week’s Firkin Friday release is a “POG IPA.” “POG” is an Hawaiian Juice which combines native Hawaiian fruits pineapple, orange and guava. Mahalo!

We love our location in the Menomonee River Valley and we love being a part of the fabric which makes the Valley such a wonderful place to live, work and recreate. Mark your calendars for September 23rd for the most incredible running event of the millennium and help raise funds for Menomonee Valley Partners .Register for The MVP Ultimate Beer Run here: . 

I am profoundly proud of the City Lights team. Alissa and our servers and bartenders are passionate about delivering an exceptional guest experience. I asked our newest server, Agnus, what his favorite letter of the alphabet was. He response was the letter “g”.

Have the best week before Pat McCurdy rocks City Lights ever!