Last Friday, Jimmy the Brewmaster expanded his brewing repertoire by brewing a Doppelbock Lager. The ambiance in the brewing area was peaceful and tranquil as Jimmy piped in the music of famous German Composer Johann Sebastian Bach to set the mood. After the rave reviews from customers who tasted Jimmy’s recently tapped Vienna Lager, I am predicting Bach to Bock brewing delights.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are suffering the ravages of Hurricane Irma. We are wishing all safety and Godspeed with the recovery.

Let the good times roll! Join us this weekend and help us kick off our First Annual City Lights Oktoberfest. Inside our ginormous Oktoberfest tent you will find authentic German Beer Garden tables and benches imported from Munich. On the stage this weekend, we are warming up for next weekend’s polka-palooza! Throwback Stereo plays on Friday night and Jackson Park Jazz rocks the tent on Saturday.  Come and enjoy some authentic German-style beer and food and share the “GemÜtlichkeit.” And if you’ve got it, flaunt it! Your first beer is on the tent if you wear your Lederhosen or Dirndl. Prost! (And next weekend, the polka music begins – I used to think that polka bands and pony tails on men were the same – one was too many!)

Our serving staff rocks! I couldn’t be prouder of the team Andy and Alissa have put together to make your City Lights experience incredible. And we’re on a continuous improvement journey to keep exceeding your expectations! Yesterday I had a chat with one of our newer servers who had an annoying habit of inserting 1980 movie references into conversations. I let her know in no uncertain terms that this would no longer Marty McFly with me.

The Milwaukee Brewers continue their championship run with games Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Stop by City Lights for a delicious pre-game meal and a refreshingly delicious brew and then enjoy our concierge shuttle service to and from Miller Park. Travel like a champion!

To improve my writing, I am studying literary geniuses. I recently went to the library and told the librarian I was looking for a book about Shakespeare’s sonnets. “Which one?” she asked. “William” I responded, “the man who put ‘I am’ in ‘iambic pentameter’.”

If you haven’t registered for the Ultimate Beer Run benefitting MVP Partners, do so today. You won’t want to miss the merriment, camaraderie and uniqueness of this fun run wrapped around some of the best beers and coolest people you will ever encounter. Register here: https://endurance.active.com/CityLightsBrewingCompany0#/active/endurance/event/setup/eventSummary?e=46468353&_nid=12127473

Our distributor sales and merchandising partners are incredible! Thanks to these professional and passionate individuals, the number of retail stores and on-premise accounts featuring your favorite City Lights beers continues to expand. A sincere thank you to the greatest collection of men and women in the industry!

Have the best first week of City Lights’ Oktoberfest celebration ever!