I am uncertain if it is Jimmy the Brewmaster’s incredibly delicious beers, the river-side ambiance of our beer garden, the over-the-top efforts of our hospitality staff to make your time at City Lights magical or the mouth-watering epicurean delights served up from Ben the Chef, but Friday and Saturday were our two busiest days ever. To the guests who were here this weekend, a sincere “thank you.” We are honored and humbled that you chose to spend some time at City Lights. And we will work tirelessly and passionately to continue to earn the privilege of your business. 

And to those of you who enjoyed a City Lights beer or two at your favorite restaurant, bar or take-home from a City Light’s retail partner, we are honored that you chose us. Thank you! And thanks to our awesome distributor network for their much-appreciated efforts. To be Frank, we have the best distributors in the industry.

Now that we are a community and have shared the bonds of City Lights beer, many have asked me to be their “relationship guru.” So here is some insight that has served me well over the years…. Guys, when a woman is really mad, just tell her she is over reacting. She’ll realize you are right and calm down immediately.

What a week ahead at City Lights! Wednesday night, Pat McCurdy brings his wit, energy, lyrical hysteria and guitar wizardry to City Lights. The hypothetical curtain rises at 7PM. (And speaking of said curtain, can you imagine a world without hypothetical questions?)

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the NL Central Crown will be decided when our Brewers host the Chicago Cubs. Shuttle each day. Free transportation to and from Miller Park for all Brewer fans. Free transportation to Miller Park for all Cub Fans.

Thursday night, hang at City Lights and check out some of the fittest people in Wisconsin.  And on Sunday, roll-on into City Lights at around 11AM and meet Milwaukee’s Distinguished Gentlemen.

Friday night, Swing and a Miss takes to the stage in the Oktoberfest tent. Saturday, it is Tom Brusky and his polka band for some good-ole “roll out the barrel” authentic Oktoberfest music. 

Punctuation can really change a sentence. For example, “I love to drink City Lights beer!” has a much different meaning than, “I love to drink punctuation.”

The most incredible running event of the millennium happens this Saturday – The Ultimate Beer Run:  One half of the registrants will start at Third Space Brewing Company and run/walk to City Lights where they will be treated with a tantalizingly delicious freshly brewed beer. The other half of the registrants will start at City Lights Brewing Company and run/walk to Third Space where they will enjoy an amazingly refreshing freshly brewed beer. After savoring the goodness at the turn-a-around, each of the respective groups will return to their starting location and be rewarded with another beer.  In addition to the running time of your life and two incredible, complimentary beers, each contestant will receive a fashion forward event T-shirt and the satisfaction of knowing that all net proceeds will benefit Menomonee Valley Partners. (Menomonee Valley Partners (MVP) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission to revitalize the Menomonee Valleyfor the benefit of the entire Milwaukee community.) Sign up here: 


BOGO is back!!! All brunches are “buy-one, get one free” this weekend.

Coming soon – the most innovative promotion ever thanks to beyond way-cool Stacey and our good friends at Vibram: http://www.vibram.com

Have the best week ever since the Brewers were on the verge of capturing a Championship!