Jimmy the Brewmaster and his team are brewing up a storm to keep pace with the bourgeoning demand for delicious City Lights beers. A triple batch of Coconut Porter will be in the fermenters tomorrow. Rinse and repeat for next week.

We are also releasing Jimmy’s Chocolate Strawberry Milkshake Stout this weekend. So creamy and delicious, we may serve it with (politically correct, of course) straws. This tasty sensation is packed with oats, lactose and 6 pounds of strawberry purée per barrel. At 6% ABV and 32 IBU’s, Jimmy has perfectly married flavor and balance.

The invention of the shovel was groundbreaking.

Who’s looking for the consummate post-Oktoberfest brew? This weekend, Jimmy’s Coffee Porter will make its inaugural appearance at City Lights. Jimmy took his Coconut Porter base beer and added locally sourced and freshly roasted coffee beans to create something special. And because we love you, we are nitrogenating the Coffee Stout for a 5.3% ABV and 35 IBU pint of heaven.

Anyone up for a little Octoberball this weekend? Friday’s first pitch is at 7:09PM and Saturday’s is at 3:09PM.  Though not artful like Dicken’s Oliver Twist, these Dodgers are the only ones standing in between a World Series appearance for our beloved home town nine. Come, have a pint, grab some eats, shuttle in style and keep the streak alive.

Is there a better way to start out Friday than with our delicious fish fry? Ben the Chef will be serving up both cod and perch fries with all the fixins all-day on Friday. What a great way to start off the weekend!

Saturday at City Lights will rock! In addition to the afternoon baseball game, pregame eats and some of the best beers around, the Badgers play Michigan at 6:30 PM and Bucky will be looking to dominate Jim Harbaugh, his khakis and the Wolverines. 

Our spacious, heated and fall decorated tent will feature Derek Byrnes and his talented Paddygrass crew: https://www.paddygrass.com/ Saturday evening at 7PM. How about a little Irish dancing to add to the ground stomping, hand clapping and toe tapping merriment?

Sunday morning, City Lights is proud to host the Milwaukee Rowing Club. We’re open at 10AM. Come watch the skulls and the incredible athletes who human-power these majestic crafts down the idyllic Menomonee River. 

We’re honored to have the privilege to brew awesome beer and host gatherings of friends, families and co-workers. We are also privileged to have the honor to partner with such an incredible network of distributors that work tirelessly to bring your favorite beers to your preferred establishments throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota and the Greater-Chicagoland area. And our Illinois distributor network is expanding again as the demand for City Lights continues to grow. Special thanks and heartfelt gratitude to the remarkable men and women who sell, deliver and merchandise City Lights beers for your enjoyment.

Have the best “We’re on our way to the World Series” weekend ever!

Robin Gohsman