Jimmy the Brewmaster’s Chocolate Strawberry Milkshake Stout was thoroughly enjoyed by many over the weekend. I especially liked the sight of Santa’s Rampage bike riders enjoying this always-to-be-savored favorite. So smooth and creamy, we were tempted to serve it in a parfait glass.

Just how good is Jimmy’s Coconut Porter? In addition to its well-deserved Gold Medal, Andy tells me about a customer in a remote area who drove two hours each way to purchase a case of Coconut Porter as a Christmas gift to herself. And I respectfully submit that the lyrics to “Twelve Days of Christmas” be reworked to “…Eight maids a-milking. Seven swans a-swimming. Six geese a-laying. Five Coconut Porters. Four calling birds….”

Guests at City Lights on Saturday saw Scaramouche, Scaramouche doing the fandango. It was mercurial.

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I am thinking of erecting a ferris wheel in the beer garden next summer and checked out a used one for sale. It was in fair condition. 

We are wrapping up our Annual Business Planning sessions with our distributor partners in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota. I am profoundly proud that City Lights has the privilege of doing business with such an incredible group of professional men and women. And thanks to the retail stores, venues, bars, and restaurants who offer the refreshing deliciousness of City Lights to their customers. And with new distributors coming on board early next year, City Lights will continue to be enjoyed by an ever-growing circle of friends. With gratitude to all!

To keep track of weekly specials, new brews and other important information to help our hospitality team deliver exceptional guest experiences, we recently mounted a dry erase board. It is remarkable!

Join us for Happy Hour tonight, Wednesday and Thursday. There is no better way to kick-off the weekend than with Ben the Chef’s fabulous Friday Fish Fry. On Saturday, Dean Richard https://www.deanrichard.com/home takes to the stage. I am excited for his City Lights debut and confident that you will enjoy his energetic variety of classic rock and old soul music. It promises to be a rollicking good time inspired by artists such as Tom Petty, Tom Pettier, Tom Pettiest, Eric Clapton, the Blues Brothers as well as Motown Classics.

Have the best St. Nick’s week ever!

Robin Gohsman