Today, City Lights Brewing Company celebrates the one-year anniversary of the brewery’s opening. We mark this milestone with incredible gratitude to the greatest collection of distributors, customers, consumers, team members, shareholders, vendor partners and stakeholders ever assembled.  Thank you.

We also mark this milestone by sharing four pieces of exciting news. We are (1) expanding our markets and launching in Minnesota and Illinois, (2) increasing our brewing capacity to double our annual volume, (3) adding new beers to our “signature series” and (4) hosting the United States Brewers’ Academy. 

(1)    What started with Jimmy selling accounts one day and me delivering the beer from the back of my pick-up truck the next day has transitioned into a multi-state operation as we launch in Minnesota in February and Illinois in March! We will now be partnering with 18 different distributors to service our existing and new markets.

(2)    Of all our vendor partnerships, our relationship with Quality Tank Solutions is a special one. Jimmi and her team are incredible and we are excited to grow with them as we add 3/90-barrel fermenting tanks.

(3)    Jimmy the Brewmaster and the brewing team have been working around the clock to keep our delicious brews in stock. We are adding the wildly popular Coconut Porter and (my favorite) Mosaic Pale Ale to our signature series of 6-pack/12-ounce cans. The new cans will be in stores shortly!

(4)    City Lights is proud to announce that our Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. David Ryder, has taken over the United States Brewers’ Academy (USBA) and it will be headquartered within the City Lights Campus. The United States Brewers’ Academy was founded in 1892 in Mt. Vernon, New York by one of the pioneers of modern brewing science in America, Anton Schwarz. Dr. Ryder will continue with this legacy with a curriculum focused on beer and brewing related educational programming for both industry professionals and consumers.

I just found out I was colorblind. The diagnosis came straight out of the purple.

We had a training session for the team Sunday evening. Dr. Ryder gave a thoroughly engaging overview on the history of beer and we sampled and discussed the nuances of various beers. It was great to see the interaction and excitement of our City Lights team. I am overwhelmingly proud to work alongside some of the most passionate, sincere, genuine and nice people I have ever met.

I hope to have the privilege of serving you a delicious City Lights beer soon.

Thanks, and have our First Birthday-Best Weekend Ever!