Today is Pi-day (3.14159….), a celebration of the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. In recognition of the circular phenomenon, all pints will be $3.14 from 4-6PM today. Also, all entrees will be accompanied by a complimentary slice of pie. Extra karma points will be awarded if your travels to City Lights include a round-a-bout.

March Madness is here. Enter to win “Free Beer for a Year.” Send me your bracket selections: and the best prognosticator will win one free growler fill (Double IPA excluded) each week for 52 consecutive weeks. (All entries must be received Thursday by 11AM CDT.)

Join us this weekend for a celebration of all things Irish. We’re opening at 8AM both Friday and Saturday. On Friday, in addition to our sumptuous fish fry, we’ll be serving up delicious corned beef and Rueben sandwiches. Friday night Janelle Lake brings the magical chord-ology (my word) of the harp to City Lights.  Janelle returns Saturday morning for beautiful music to accompany our special St. Paddy’s day corned beef hash breakfast offering.  Janelle can do almost anything with her harp, with the exception of performing as a roving musician.                                                         

I am grateful that Father Forre, my high school English teacher, taught me the correct meaning of the word “plethora.” It means a lot to me. 

Opening Day is right around the corner and we’re getting all things Brewers revved up. The shuttle is being washed and serviced. The shuttle drivers are going through their safety protocol training and the  hospitality team is eagerly looking forward to making your pre and post-game experiences magical. See you on April 2.

Jimmy the Brewmaster and the brewing team are working extra overtime to make sure your favorite City Lights beers are available. The team brewed a double batch on Friday. Jimmy was up at 4AM Saturday morning prior to Saturday’s brew as he meticulously and lovingly roasts the coconut at his home.  When the delightful aroma of coconut wafts into the neighborhood, his neighbors know that Coconut Porter will again be brewing.

Good luck to the Marquette Men’s and Women’s basketball teams this week in tournament play. And a special “thank you” to Jordy Nelson for his class, professionalism and dedication to the Packers and Wisconsin.

We will be kegging the Mexican Lager next week. Can't wait!

We hope to have the privilege of seeing you soon.