Our most special tradition at City Lights is the “Blessing of the Beer.” Each time we release a new beer style, we have the beer blessed. Previously, we have had a Presbyterian Minister, a Rabbi, a Baptist Minister with a Gospel Choir, a Protestant Divinity Student and a Catholic Priest perform the blessing ceremony. This Friday at 5PM, Fr. William Johnson will bless the Mexican Lager. Fr. Bill is the Director of Strategic Growth at Christo Rey High School and several of his teachers will be in attendance. Please join us. The Mexican Lager promises to be outstanding!
I think we all need to respect Mark Zuckerberg’s privacy as he deals with the challenges of Facebook’s association with Cambridge Analytica and the misuse of the personal data of up to 50 million users.
Jimmy the Brewmaster and his extraordinary team have been working around the clock to make sure your favorite City Lights beer is available at the location of your choice. Whether it be at your favorite restaurant, a neighborhood pub, a craft beer bar, a grocery or liquor store or at an event venue, our distributors work diligently and tirelessly to sell, deliver and merchandise our beer. Cheers to all and a heartfelt expression of gratitude.
Our team lead suggested “Efficiency! Efficiency! Efficiency!” should be our new mantra. I recommended “Efficiency” instead.
Join us this Friday at the Milwaukee Art Museum’s MAM After Dark https://mam.org/calendar/events/index.php?eID=9201. Also, our team of brand ambassadors will be out across the state this weekend sampling delicious City Lights beers. If you haven’t yet tried City Lights Coconut Porter, fire up the google machine on your Commodore 64 computer and see what the connections on your “My Space” page have to say about this delicious and silky-smooth beer.
The busted brackets for our “Beer for a Year” winner of the NCAA tournament suggest that this weekend’s games will yield a clear front runner going into next week’s Championship weekend. Good luck to all. And it is not too early to enter our “Master of the Masters” promotion. Pick three golfers. The top three finishers will be awarded 10, 7 and 5 points respectively. The entrant whose selected golfers earns the most total points wins a $250 City Lights Gift Card. E-mail me your selections.
Flip Flop Dave makes a return visit to City Lights this Saturday. You’ll love this musical buffet! And Saturday at 10, join us for “Brewmaste” - an hour of yoga followed by a complimentary City Lights beer of your choice.

Can’t wait for Opening Day – and all the game days! The week of April 2nd will be a huge week at City Lights with both the Cardinals and the Cubs in town. Getting to Miller Park in our complimentary, quick and convenient shuttle has never tasted so good!


Have the best weekend ever!

Robin Gohsman