The many options to arrive in style at City Lights are expanding. The Bublr station https://bublrbikes.org/ has been installed and guests are loving the convenience. Ride on, baby! We are hopeful work will soon begin on the dock installation so our water traveling guests can enjoy some peer-to-pier convenience.
The “World’s Oldest Human” recently passed away. I am beginning to think that this title is a curse. In related news, actor Verne Troyer died. A short memorial service is planned.
We’ll be rocking this Saturday as Evan and Tom http://evanandtom.com/ return to City Lights with their high energy, acoustic classics. To balance the universe, join us Saturday morning when Yogini Kaleigh leads “Brewmaste” followed by a complimentary beer for all participants.  
Did you know that City Lights has been featured nationally? Check out craftbeer.com’s article, “12 Breweries in Historic Buildings: Reviving and Restoring the Past”: https://www.craftbeer.com/craft-beer-muses/breweries-historic-locations .
I am proud to report that both beer aficionados and category trialists have confirmed that our recently released Mexican Lager is an outstanding beer. Taproom sales of this deliciously refreshing beer are regularly surpassing those of our signature Coconut Porter. We’re serving the Mexican Lager in a specially designed beer glass with a lime wedge. And wait till you see what we have planned for Cinco de Mayo. How about opening the day with a Mariachi band?
Steve Jobs used to wear the same outfit every day. Still does.
Despite the hoopla surrounding the Mexican Lager and Coconut Porter, my all-time favorite is Jimmy the Brewmaster’s Mosaic Pale Ale. Here’s how our Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. David Ryder, describes the brew: “This powerful version of a mid-western pale ale sweeps the palate with mango, lemon, citrus, tropical fruit and stone fruit, additionally accented with earthy pine and green pepper flavor notes. This multitude of flavor sinks deep into the taste buds, briefly clinging to the roof of the mouth to enliven the palate adding zest. Flowery citrus notes dominate by mid-serving masterfully integrating with the patina of bitterness that finishes with a 5.5 ABV snap. The palate cleansing hop character comes courtesy of Mosaic and Equanot hop varieties from the Pacific Northwest. As the pale, tawny and orangey-gold body warms an intriguing volume of effervescence drives the mouthfeel and momentum to its lively citrus refreshing conclusion A knockout, clean and forcefully unique pale ale!”
Whether you choose a Mexican Lager, a Coconut Porter, a Mosaic Pale Ale or one of the other delicious brews from Jimmy and his team, I do not believe there is a more idyllic setting anywhere to enjoy a refreshing beer than our water-side beer garden. And we’re making a great location even greater with our on-going improvements.
Thanks to the greatest distribution network ever assembled, City Lights beers are now available at an ever-growing array of on-premise and retail locations throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota and the Greater Chicagoland area. We are profoundly proud to have the privilege of partnering with our distributors and salute the hardworking men and women who work tirelessly to share the magic that is City Lights.
Now that spring has finally arrived, have the best weekend ever!