In appreciation for their sacrifice and support, City Lights proudly offers all active and retired members of the military a complimentary first beer this Memorial Day weekend. 

And the weekend will be one to remember….

The weekend kicks off tonight at City Lights. Happy Hour starts at 3PM. At 5PM, the entertaining sounds of a Mariachi Band will fill the patio’s rarified air. Our ever-popular shuttle starts delivering fans to the ball park two hours before tonight’s 7:10PM first pitch. 

Tomorrow will be special treat. The Anne Davis Jazz Trio makes their City Lights debut at 7PM. Soulful, spirited with a vocal style as warm as tomorrow’s eighty-degree weather, Anne sings songs that have stood the test of time and performs the standards with an artistic energy. The shuttle will be running as the home town nine take on the Mets at 7:10PM.

As smooth and silky as the Anne Davis Trio are, Cowboy Up will rock the house with their wild, fun-loving, spirited and raucous act starting at 7PM on Saturday. The ballgame has a 3:10PM start so come for great beers and delicious food, shuttle to the park and join us after the game and enjoy Cowboy Up’s high octane musical performance.

On Sunday, the shuttle begins delivering fans to the park two hours prior to the 1:10 PM first pitch. Post-game, all-time City Lights favorite Paddygrass kicks off the musical wonderment with a 4-7PM performance with their special blend of Irish, Bluegrass and Gospel favorites. Derek and his mates are fantastic! 

City Lights’ guests are the coolest people in the world! Last evening as one of our guests pulled out his debit card to close out his tab the bartender said, “Chip in.” Three guys from a different party pooled their funds to help pay his bill. 

Our good friend and photographer extraordinaire Kris Hinrichs has a showing of her fantastic works at Tribeca Gallery Cafe & Books in Walker’s Point through mid-June. Be sure to check out the work of this amazing woman.

Jimmy the Brewmaster and his team are working extremely hard and long hours to keep up with demand. Jimmy’s Coconut Porter has been warmly embraced by an ever-growing circle of craft beer lovers.  Two secrets to his Coconut Porter: (1) Jimmy personally roasts the coconuts. (2) Jimmy only uses locally sourced coconuts.  Jimmy’s Mexican Lager is enjoying otherworldly success. Jimmy believes it is the ultimate summer beer.

During an interview, I asked the candidate why she would be a good server and she replied, “I will bring a lot to the table.”

Jimmy the Brewmaster has two new brews in the kettles that promise to be amazing. The Hazy IPA will be characterized by a tropical, juicy hop flavor/aroma and smooth mouthfeel.  The Belgian Witt marries old school with new school with the addition of pink guava puree for a delightfully balanced, fruity finish.

Monday is Memorial Day and we will open at 11AM just in time to begin shuttling fans as we take on our arch-rival (literally and figuratively) St. Louis Cardinals.

A special thanks to our incredible distributors in Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota for their tireless work in making City Lights available at the location of your choice. Cheers!

Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day. Whether you are celebrating it with us at City Lights, in your own backyard or at a friend’s cookout, please raise a glass of delicious City Lights beer and salute the brave men and women of the United States Military.

Have the best Memorial Day weekend ever!