Jimmy the Brewmaster and his awesome brewing team are proud to release City Lights incredible Hazy IPA this weekend.

Of all the most-excellent traditions we have established at City Lights in an extremely short time, the “Blessing of the Beer” is my favorite. Each time we release a new beer, we have a local clergy member bless the beer. We have had a Rabbi, a Presbyterian Pastor, a Jesuit Priest, a Baptist Minister and a Lutheran Divinity Master’s candidate officiate at this ceremony. Please join us Saturday at 1PM when Pastor Steven Stoll from Brooklife Church blesses the Hazy IPA.

This Friday at City Lights, the incredible Pat McCurdy brings his rowdy, lyrical music funfest to City Lights. Are you ready for Sex and Beer?

Saturday evening, Myles Wangerin  will perform for your listening pleasure. I am hoping Myles covers Guns and Roses classic with a new twist on Paradise City – “Take me down to Thesaurus City where the grass is viridescent and the girls are pulchritudinous.”

Father’s Day is coming up. Be sure to celebrate at City Lights when the first beer is free for all dads on Father’s Day. And how about a gift that Dad will cherish, and you can save on? City Lights gift cards are available with a special discount: purchase a $25.00 card for $20.00, a $50.00 card for $40.00 or a $100.00 card for $80.00 now through Father’s Day.

People who confuse etymology with entomology bug me in a way I can’t put into words.

Big love for Jimmi-Jean and her awesome team at Quality Tank Solutions. 2/90 barrel fermenters and 1/60-barrel fermenter will be delivered this month which will expand our brewing capacity to 15,000 barrels annually. The timing of this is fortuitous as we are currently maxed out and Jimmy the Brewmaster, Ryan and Mark have been challenged to keep up with demand while ensuring our highest quality and great tasting beers continue to flow.

Are you a planner who loves great beer, great theater and great music? Then plan on joining us on June 16 when Pastor Dexter Trice, accompanied by “The Voices of Faith” Gospel Choir, blesses the Belgian Witt as we release this sure-to-be treasure at 1PM. 

If you haven’t visited City Lights since we have opened our new patio and beer garden you are in for a special treat. Stamped and sealed cement has replaced last year’s pea gravel. Authentic German beer garden furniture has replaced the picnic tables in the main seating area. Italian wedding lights warmly illuminate the night’s sky. The idyllic riverside setting remains unchanged. And my hanging flower basket game was turned up a notch this year too!

Our heartfelt thanks to an incredible distributor network now spanning Wisconsin, the Greater Chicago-land area and Minnesota for their tireless work in helping make sure your preferred City Lights beer is available at the location of your choice. A special thanks to Dan Graziano and his Beer Capitol team for back-to-back record sales months. Thanks to all.

Have the best weekend ever!