I am overwhelmed by the magical work the incredible people at Penfield Children’s Center http://penfieldchildren.org  do for the children and families of Milwaukee. Penfield is comprised of compassionate, committed professionals with a laser focus and passion to create positive starts in life for infants and children, many of whom have developmental delays or disabilities.

Join us Monday for an evening of fun, merriment and enchantment; knowing that 75% of all taproom beer purchases will go directly to Penfield to help support their early education, health services and family programming initiatives.

Celebrity bartenders and Milwaukee media legends Drew Olson and KB (Kevin Brandt)https://thegamemke.iheart.com/featured/drew-olson/ will be tapping your favorite City Lights beers. (Personally, I can’t wait until a guest asks KB, “Can I get a beer for my wife?” And he responds, “Sounds like a fair trade.” As for Drew, in the famous words of broadcast icon Stuart Scott, he is “as cool as the other side of the pillow.”)

Monday starts early with representatives of The Milwaukee Admirals stopping by for lunch and to drop off door prizes for the evening’s festivities. What is cooler than Admirals' swag and tickets? How about the possibility that your favorite Admirals player might skate in for a visit! The puck drops at City Lights Monday at 11:30 am.

Not to be outdone by their ice-cool fellow franchises, Bucks, Brewers and Packers gear and stuff will be given out to lucky attendees.

Allegorically speaking, whomever pulled all of this together, should not be surprised if a Gatorade bucket of City Lights Coconut Porter is poured over his/her head in fitting tribute to the ultimate victory declaration. Keep your head on a swivel, JP.

Jimmy the Brewmaster’s Brut Wheat Rosé continues to be en fuego! I am pleasantly amazed by awestruck guests who can’t believe this tasty treat is actually a beer. This game-changer is bone-dry and beautifully effervescent with notes of berry and lime.

The weather in London is crazy! It is the middle of January but seems like May is done.

What makes a band a legend at City Lights? How about a mate with a charming Irish accent, a beguiling smile, a crew of accomplished musicians, a cool vibe, a toe-tapping-hand clapping rhythm and an all-around kick-ass performance. Come check out Derek and Paddygrass https://www.paddygrass.com/ this Saturday at 7PM. Get here early because Derek will be wearing his kilt and the place will be jumping.

A special thanks to the men and women who tirelessly work to sell, deliver and merchandise City Lights beers and make sure your favorite beverage is available at your preferred bar, restaurant or retail store. Cheers to the best distributors ever!

Have the best Championship Sunday weekend ever!

Robin Gohsman