I am still in awe that Jimmy the Brewmaster’s Mexican Lager not only was awarded a Gold Medal and earned an “Extraordinary” designation, but also that it was rated higher than beers from breweries in Germany and Belgium with hundreds of years of brewing history.

I started our company-wide team meeting with, “By a show of hands, how many of you are raising your hands?” Sometimes I crack myself up….

Join us tonight for another Magical Monday. Tonight’s event will benefit Menomonee River Valley https://www.thevalleymke.org/. City Lights is proud to donate 75% of taproom beer sales to help Corey, Michelle, Catrina and Ben continue with their magical mission of making the Valley THE place to work and recreate.

Ben the Chef told me that if chickens exchanged goods and services for a fixed price it would be called, “chicken tenders.”

City Lights has enjoyed record sales over the last couple of months and is poised for an exciting 2019. We are adding to our hospitality staff in anticipation of a great spring, summer and fall ahead. During an interview with a candidate, I asked her to explain the gap in her resume. She replied, “It was due to a Microsoft formatting error.”

Jimmy the Brewmaster’s Brut Wheat Rosé continues to be en fuego! I am pleasantly amazed by awestruck guests who can’t believe this tasty treat is actually a beer. This game-changer is bone-dry and beautifully effervescent with notes of berry and lime. The Brut Wheat Rosé has become a taproom favorite and is a gateway to bring non-beer drinkers into the world of craft.

For those long-range planners, here’s some exciting things to look forward to at City Lights. This Saturday, City Lights favorite son, Ryan McIntyre https://ryanmcintyremusic.com/ brings his amazing talents to City Lights. On Tuesday, March 5, City Lights will rock the best Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras party ever. Jambalaya – check. Beads – check. Brass Band – check. Beer specials – check. Punchkies – probably not.

Get your Irish on! On March 9th Blackthorn Folly http://blackthornfollyband.com/ begins a week-long celebration of all things Irish with their special blend of ground stomping and high energy Irish and Celtic music. On March 16th Paddygrass https://www.paddygrass.com/ will again earn its reputation as the modern-day patron saint of St Patrick’s Day. The Trinity Irish Dancers will accompany both Blackthorn Folly and Paddygrass. Character appearances by Sir Charm for Lucky Charms and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Leprechaun are rumored but yet to be confirmed.

And the baseball season starts again with Opening Day on March 28 as our hometown nine begins their World Championship run.

Heard at preschool from a teacher welcoming the kiddos, “Welcome back to school. Please form an orderly line. If you don’t already have a highly contagious virus, one will be assigned to you.”

Look for specially marked six packs of City Lights beers in the Milwaukee Metro area. Bring the six-pack carrier with the “Free Pint” sticker to the City Lights taproom and receive a complimentary Pint of your choice. Special thanks to an incredible distribution team for making promotions like this possible and for the retail and on-premise accounts for their support of City Lights.

We do promotions well at City Lights. My favorite to date is the promotion of Alexandra. A specially talented, customer-centric and passionate beer aficionado, Alex will be leaving the friendly confines of the City Lights taproom and moving to Minnesota to drive our business forward in the land of 10,000 lakes. We will miss her immensely but are immensely proud of her accomplishments, drive, determination, work ethic and zeal. Here’s to you Alex – just don’t become a Vikings fan!

Let’s get spring going!!!