Jimmy the Brewmaster and Andy the Sales and Operations ninja collaborated on a new, soon-to-be-released, signature, limited edition beer. Here is how they are describing this beer: “In this beer we have added various malts. We also used water. We added various styles of hops in various amounts at various times during the brewing process. We used yeast. The resulting product is what is inside of this can. Please enjoy responsibly.”

How exciting is that? This beer will be a game-changer. Stay tuned for release party details that will pay appropriate homage to the awesomeness of this incredible liquid.

I have come to realize that the older I get, the earlier it gets late.

We open early today for the ballgame. The first pitch is at 12:10PM. First beer is whenever you get here. When it is raining, our door-to-door shuttle service is the most convenient (and driest) route to the ballpark. The day continues as we transition into the night to celebrate the Bucks’ victory over the Celtics. On to the Eastern Division Finals!

Jimmy the Brewmaster’s International award-winning Hazy IPA is ridiculously delicious. I know why the discerning judges at tastings.com http://www.tastings.com/Beer-Review/City-Lights-Brewing-Co-Hazy-IPA-USA-05-02-2019.aspx selected this as one of the best IPAs they have ever tasted. Come taste for yourself – but hurry as beer aficionados and casual drinkers alike are enjoying this almost as fast as Jimmy can brew it.

Join us Thursday for Happy Hour from 3-6PM. If you haven’t tried Ben the Chef’s wings you don’t know what you are missing. Ben brines the wings in City Lights Mosaic Pale Ale, smokes them with hickory wood and grills them to perfection. You get to choose your preferred sauce: sweet chili, mild, medium, hot or IPA Carolina BBQ. Simply delicious!

The City Lights brand team will be everywhere this weekend. If you are in Minnesota, stop in at Total Wine in Minnetonka and share a sip with Alexandra. If you are in the Chicago-land area, Quinn will be sharing the City Lights magic at the Lake Zurich Craft Beer Fest.

Join us Saturday evening when Evan and Tom http://evanandtom.com/ take to the stage at 7PM.

Sunday is Mother’s Day and the first beer is on City Lights for all moms. Cheers for being awesome.

A heartfelt thanks to our distributors, retail and hospitality partners. It is a privilege to provide our consumers with the opportunity to enjoy a City Lights beer where and when they prefer. We are grateful and honored that City Lights beers are available in a wide variety of grocery stores, liquor stores, restaurants, bars and taverns throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota and the Greater Chicagoland area. It is my goal to personally visit and thank each City Lights account.

Have the best rain-soaked week ever!