Friday fish fries and baseball go hand-in-glove. We open at 11AM today and Benny and the Chefs will be on deck and ready to go to bat for your dining pleasure. Perch. Cod. Breaded. Baked. All the fixings and all the delicious goodness. Come and taste for yourself. The shuttle starts running 2 hours before the ballgame. First pitch is at 7:10PM. Arrive at the park in red carpet style!

On Saturday, Cowboy Up http://www.cowboyupcountry.com/ will rock the house with their wild, fun-loving, spirited and raucous act starting at 7PM. But the fun starts way earlier! The ballgame has a 3:10PM start so come for great beers and delicious food, shuttle to the park and join us after the game and enjoy Cowboy Up’s high-octane musical performance.

On Sunday, the shuttle begins delivering fans to the park two hours prior to the 1:10PM first pitch.

Jimmy the Brewmaster and his team are working extremely hard and long hours to keep up with demand. Jimmy’s Coconut Porter has been warmly embraced by an ever-growing circle of craft beer lovers. Two secrets to his Coconut Porter: (1) Jimmy personally roasts the coconuts. (2) Jimmy only uses locally sourced coconuts. Jimmy’s Mexican Lager is enjoying otherworldly success. Jimmy originally believed it was the ultimate summer beer, but his award-winning Hazy IPA and thoroughly innovative Belgian Witt have him wavering. The Hazy IPA is characterized by a tropical, juicy hop flavor/aroma and smooth mouthfeel. The Belgian Witt marries old school with new school with the addition of pink guava puree for a delightfully balanced, fruity finish.

I was interviewing a potential new server to join our All-Star hospitality team. I asked the candidate why she would be a good fit and she replied, “I will bring a lot to the table.”

A special thanks to our incredible distributors in Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota for their tireless work in making City Lights available at the location of your choice.

I am grateful and humbled that so many of our guests have expressed their appreciation for the “City Lights Experience.” Sharing a delicious beer with friends and loved ones is a blessing. Having the honor of serving them is a privilege. And this experience is exponentially more way-cool on a warm day with the sun gently kissing the skin and the rambling waters of the river soothing their soul. The City Lights beer garden is truly idyllic. Come experience this magic!

Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day. Whether you are celebrating it with us at City Lights (we will open at 11AM,) in your own backyard or at a friend’s cookout, please raise a glass of delicious City Lights beer and salute the brave men and women of the United States Military.

All gave some. Some gave all. With profound appreciation for those who gave their lives to protect our freedom,