It is almost ready! The demand for Jimmy the Brewmaster’s Hazy IPA has outstripped supply after earning a 96-point rating, a “Superlative” designation and a Platinum Medal. City Lights Hazy IPA was rated by tastings.com as the #1 IPA in the world and was their 11th highest rated beer in the last five years: http://www.tastings.com/Beer-Review/City-Lights-Brewing-Co-Hazy-IPA-USA-05-02-2019.aspx. We should be canning and kegging by the end of the week!

The invincible Michael “Call Me Nostra Damas” Drescher is challenging all prognosticators to beat his PGA Championship predictions. The contest is as simplistic as our beers are delicious. Pick three golfers. The top three finishers will be awarded 10, 7 and 5 points respectively. The entrant whose selected golfers earns the most total points wins a $250 City Lights gift card. Be sure to e-mail me your picks before Thursday’s first tee-off.

Thanks to all who visited City Lights last week. The weather was glorious, the beer delicious, the patio idyllic, the entertainment magnificent, the food sumptuous, the hospitality welcoming and the vibe chill. We are overwhelmingly proud that during this busy season with happenings all over town, so many chose City Lights to spend time with family and friends. Thank you.

With our expansion into Illinois and Minnesota and our growing sales in Wisconsin, this business has become exponentially more complicated. Fortunately, we have some incredible planning resources at City Lights – even our white boards are remarkable.

Friday, Ben the Chef will again serve up his fish fry. Cod, perch, breaded, baked with all the traditional fixings. Come and taste for yourself what so many have already discovered.

“Mansplainers” have ruined it for men like me who are genuinely good at explaining things to women.

We are honored to partner with an incredible distribution network. These men and women work tirelessly to help ensure your favorite brew is available at your preferred location. Thank you.

Saturday evening acoustic troubadour Patrick Van Bibbler https://www.patrickvb.com/ takes to the stage at 7PM. Patrick is delightful to listen to and is becoming another City Lights’ favorite.

Jimmy the Brewmaster’s signature Brut Wheat Rosé is gaining momentum and catching up to our International Award- winning beers: Mexican Lager, Coconut Porter and Hazy IPA. Here’s what Jimmy has to say about his latest innovation: The “Brut” part comes from the use of an enzyme that allows the yeast to consume all of the sugars from the malt leaving the beer to finish bone-dry without any residual sweetness. The “Wheat” comes from the healthy amount of malted wheat we used in this beer to add some character and backbone to the flavor profile. Last, but not least, the "Rosé" comes from Hibiscus that we used at a rate of over two pounds per barrel split between the boil and “dry flowering” post-fermentation. The Hibiscus gives this beer a beautiful pinkish-purplish color with a wonderfully tart, berry-like flavor; and delightfully effervescent aroma. It is very lightly hopped with late additions of Motueka to lend a natural lime-like flavor. Finally, to accentuate the hop profile; we added a hint of natural key lime extract which rounds this out wonderfully and lends a bit more depth of flavor. To bring these flavors to life even more, the beer is carbonated higher than normal for near champagne-like bubbly goodness. At 5% ABV and only 10 IBUs; it is sure to excite your taste buds and might even make you wonder; “Is this even beer?”

Our entire team knows that everything we do is part of something bigger. Whether it be helping friends re-connect, celebrating family reunions, hosting business planning sessions, shuttling fans to the fun and excitement of the local ball park, providing the perfect ambiance and idyllic river-side setting for date nights or a myriad of other activities that weave joy and happiness into the fabric of so many lives; City Lights is grateful for the privilege of serving.

With gratitude,