The summer is flying by and back to school is right around the corner. I remember it like yesterday when I dropped my youngest off at The University of Colorado at Boulder as he embarked on his journey to graduate as a CU Buffalo. Before I left him, with the majestic mountains as the backdrop, I gave him a warm hug and said, “Bison.”

Apologies are in order to our good friends at Potawatomi for a typo in last week’s update. Under normal circumstances, I would take responsibility for the error; but in this case I am reasonably certain that Russian hackers were the culprits. Damn Rooski no-goodniks. In any case, I promise no more mispelt words going forward.

Last week’s e-mail generated a crescendo of responses and suggestions for beer-themed songs. Special thanks to Kathy, “The Queen of Cool” for her “100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” recommendation. The Grand Prize goes to Denis for serving up “Rednecks, White Socks, and Blue Ribbon Beer,” “Beer and Bones,” “Pop A Top,” “Two Six Packs Away,” “Old Milwaukee's Best” and “Lone Star Beer.”

As you know, Stone Creek Coffee, is our friend, partner and most-favorite place in the world for coffee, conversation and community. When visiting last week, I ordered a specialty coffee drink. Getting ready to place my cup in the queue, the friendly barista asked, “Can I have your name?” I’m not quite sure why she wanted my name instead of the one her mother gave her at birth.

Random Beer Facts:

  • The term “berserk” is from the Norse “bare shirt.” After consuming a bucket or two of vibrant beer they called aul (ale) before going into battle, the Vikings would feel invincible and go berserk, literally going off to fight bare shirted, without any armor.  
  • While you’re examining your beer, try an experiment: Tilt the glass to see if foam adheres to the side. If it does, that’s called “Brussels lace,” considered by some to be a sign of high-quality beer — and clean glasses. 

The build-out continues at warped speed. General Contractor Adam is like an orchestra maestro conducting a symphony of skilled tradesmen and women.  (Our rough carpenter is from Finland, giving him the unique distinction of being both a rough carpenter and a finnish carpenter.) Last week, Adam directed some concrete progress as the PCS crew skillfully saw-cut the cement and cleared out the channels for plumbing and electricity. Rock-solid work, gentlemen.

All spots have been reserved for our pre-Opening Grand Opening Package, featuring the coveted “Jimmy the Brewmaster” Booblehead.  

And a special birthday shout-out to Jimmy the Brewmaster’s 92 year-old grandmother who still swims everyday, knits and has listened to more books in the last year than I have read in my lifetime.  Happy  birthday, Mom, love you. Can't wait for you to sample one of Jimmy's magical City Lights' beers.