Quite a surprise last Friday when three original members of “Sly and the Family Stone” visited City Lights.

We were in awe to host two inductees from the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and not sure if we should “Dance to the Music” or just “Stand.”  Eventually, we concluded that despite all of their success and notoriety they, like us, are “Everyday People” and furthermore, “Everybody is a Star” at City Lights!

Special thanks to Kathy Flannigan of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for a fun read recapping the Family Stone's excursion to City Lights:

And yes, to commemorate the visit of these music legends, we will be brewing a limited edition “Sly and the Family Stout” beer with all proceeds to benefit an incredible organization - the Felix Mantilla Little League: .  “Sly and the Family Stout”….whose brilliant mind came up with that brilliant beer name?  And Jimmy the Brewmaster has already formulated an equally brilliant brew!

Congratulations to our good friends, Kevin Wright and Andy Gehl on this weekend’s opening of Third Space Brewing Company: To re-purpose the traditional theatrical opening night salutation, “Break a keg” gentlemen.

Legendary architect Alexander Eschweiler designed the iconic building which will house City Lights brewing and hospitality operations over 115 years ago. To pay homage to the historical marvel that permeates City Lights, we’re resurrecting Eschweiler’s original names for these marvelous edifices: the “Condenser House” and the “Tower House.” Check out Kris Hinrich's weekly photo updates - 

Condenser House

Tower House

And if you, like me, LOVE the photographical genius of Kris, here's a link to her other photos -

The build-out progesses and now that the majority of the underground plumbing and electrical has been installed, the next phase will focus on the overhead lighting and infrastructure. It is an absolute joy to work with our General Contractor, ADK Design. Adam and Kim run their business with the precision of a military exercise, the synchronization of an orchestra maestro, the friendship of a wedding party and the joy of a gospel choir. And as proof of the “the law of attraction,” their sub-contractors are equally nice and professional.

Any guess on the next celebrity visitor to City Lights? Could it be Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers? Olympic Gold Medalist Gwen Jorgenson? Singer/songwriter Dave Mathews? Or????