Electile dysfunction! No matter if you live in a blue state or a red state, there’s no little blue pill to counteract the quagmire enveloping the presidential election.

Jimmy the Brewmaster became Jimmy the Powerwasher over the weekend as he lovingly washed away 115 years of dust and grime in the Power House building.

In brewing news that I find hop-centrically happy, Jimmy has already contracted for the upcoming year’s hops needs and has locked in enough Citra, mosaic, equinox and other hop varieties to ensure your taste buds will dance the happy dance of beer drinking euphoria.

The owner of our local independent movie theater recently passed away. His viewing is tomorrow at 1:20, 2:50 and 4:10.

Do they award a Nobel Prize for photography?

Each time we think we’ve seen the last curve ball these glorious 115 year-old buildings could serve up, another one follows.  As our contractor began the process of connecting the eight inch water main to the internal plumbing, he encountered a cement foundation over three feet thick.  Imagine his concrete disappointment with the extra time, labor and equipment necessary to finish the task.

Special thanks to the Guiffre families and Mallory Properties for their support and partnership. Frankly speaking, we couldn’t ask for a better relationship with our landlord.

Our weekly e-mail updates have somehow developed an international following. I’ll send a complimentary City Lights hoodie to the first person who can identify two of the countries where our “early adopter” international fans reside. This fashion-forward garment will most likely become the most cherished piece of your hip and trendy wardrobe.   For those of you who don’t have the insight of Nostradamas or Miss Cleo, no worries – a complete selection of City Lights merchandise will soon be available on our website.

A gate blocking access to the mezzanine level mysteriously disappeared over the weekend. I have designated this as “Gate-gate.”

The build-out continues! The outdoor patio for the beer garden has been poured, the tap room bar has been framed in and John Teske of Historic Woodworks has installed the first of 12 stunningly beautiful windows that match the original specifications of Alexander Eschweiler’s 1902 drawing.

Have the best weekend since Ken Bone wore a red Cardigan sweater ever!