These weekly e-mails have become widely successful and our list grows exponentially each week. In an effort to further professionalize our correspondence, I have made arrangements for the Democratic National Committee to manage our e-mail list and going forward we will route all e-mails through Hillary Clinton’s private server.

Recently, I have totally immersed myself in voraciously reading all things beer related: from brewery best-practices, to accounting and government compliance regulations, to equipment manuals, to our own Mary Pellettieri's quality control guide for craft brewers. Realizing that I needed some recreational reading balance, I picked up the book “Anti-Gravity.” I couldn’t put it down.

Our grand opening package of a designer City Lights T-Shirt, a crowler of our Opening Day brew and collector’s edition of a limited run, sequentially numbered “Jimmy the Brewmaster” Booblehead just got a little specialer(my word.) We’ve decided to have a special pre-grand opening event just for the way-cool people who have purchased this package. I am still fine-tuning the pricing of this incredible offer, but if you want to secure your spot in brewing history with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hang with some of the coolest people anywhere and drink up both an incredible atmosphere along with some incredible beers, give me a holler (or send me an e-mail.)

Accordion to a recent scientific study, replacing a written word with a musical instrument often goes undetected.

For this week’s “random beer facts” section I’ve slightly pivoted and will list my Top 10 beer-related songs. In descending order:

·         10. One Bourbon. One Scotch. One Beer. – George Thorogood

·           9. Beer for My Horses, Whiskey for My Men – Willie Nelson

·           8. Pretty Good at Drinking Beer – Billy Currington

·           7. Hey Bartender – The Blues Brothers

·           6. Beer Run – Tom Snyder

·           5. Red Solo Cup – Toby Keith

·           4. Friends in Low Places – Garth Brooks

·           3. I like Beer – Tom T. Hall

·           2. En ElCielo No Has Cerveza – Flaco Jimemez

·           1. The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous – Jerry Lee Lewis.

Anything you’d change?

As we prepare to open City Lights Brewing Company we are keenly aware of our responsibility to protect the heritage of these incredible buildings, to partner with local stakeholders and to be a socially responsible citizen of the community. We’re proud to announce that we will be partnering with our goof friends at Potawatomi and utilizing their Biodigester to re-purpose our spent grain into electricity.