If we were to brew a fall seasonal beer this election year, I would brand it “October Surprise.”

The overnight ratings for the Vice Presidential debate reveal that slightly more people read the City Lights weekly e-mail updates than watched the debate.

Progress on the brewery continues at an amazing pace. This week all of the external plumbing was hooked up and tomorrow the first of the majestic and historically accurate windows will be installed in the Power House. The windows will provide a dramatic transformation to these incredible 115 year old buildings.

I was once accused of using hyperbole. It was a gross exaggeration. That said, Kris Hinrichs may be the best photographer ever!  See this week’s magic:

We have received official word from our equipment partner, Quality Tank Solutions, that our brewing equipment will be delivered on 10/24!!! Installation, piping and test brewing should take another three or so weeks. We’re thankful that after numerous delays we'll be brewing by Thanksgiving!

Some incredibly serious duct work was delivered yesterday. Though we’re gender neutral in all aspects of our business, this duct work has some amp-ed testosterone working. Side-note: did you know that duct tape doesn’t adhere to duct work?

Motivated slightly by this over-the-top-wacky presidential race, I asked our branding partner, CYD Design: for a “basket of deliverables” as we move forward with our opening and product launch. Cory DeWalt has fashioned this boutique agency into one of the finest and her design team is the best I have ever had the professional privilege of working with. Plus, they’re as nice as they are good. Thanks Cory (and Megan and Meg too!)

We’re hopeful to have a bright and shining website ready for your cyber-space enjoyment to coincide with the delivery of the equipment. The website will virtually quench your thirst for all things City Lights related: product news, on-line merchandise store, booking tours, special events, promotions, Jimmy the Brewmaster updates, happenings and in the words of the King of Siam, “et cetera, et cetera, et cetera….”

Last week we gave a loud shout out to our good friend David Kenyon, Craft Beer and Cider Manager for our business partner, Johnson Brothers of Wisconsin. David was recently on the City Lights Campus planning for our launch and lost his ID. We now know him as “Dav.” (Okay, since he lost the "id"  and  his name was "David” – he’s “Dav”) C’mon people – you gotta step up your game!

Have the best week ever since "Brangelina" were no longer!