Cory DeWalt and the Dream Team of Design (Cory, Megan and Meg) are in the process of finalizing the new City Lights Brewing Company website. I was asked to write copy for the FAQ section. Here is an excerpt:

Are children welcome at City Lights?

All well-behaved and supervised children are welcome. Unmonitored children will be given complimentary energy drinks and a special “to go” gift pack which will include a puppy and a set of drums.

Are pets welcome at City Lights?

Service dogs are welcome throughout the campus. All other of our leashed, furry, four legged friends will be warmly welcomed outside. Unleashed and uncontrolled dogs will be encouraged to copulate to provide the puppies for the above unmonitored children.

The website is tentatively scheduled go live the week of November 8. Winners of our T-Shirt give-a-way will be posted in the “happenings” section of the website. (Is that an ingenious marketing ploy to drive traffic to our new website or is that a slightly manipulative tactic to drive traffic to our new website?)

The website will be chock-full of information. Each beer will be profiled with specific recommendations for the best glass style to compliment each respective brew, appropriate occasions to enjoy the consistently balanced City Lights beers (how about just, “Hey, because?") and suggested food pairings. Jimmy the Brewmaster was a stylin wordsmither (my words) on the assignment:

“Enjoy the Amber Ale out of the classic pub glass; or the can glass will do it justice as well. The Amber Ale is about as unpretentious as it gets; Ole Reliable if you will." 

ABV: 5.5% IBU: 25 SRM: 13.2

If the hops and malt of this Amber Ale were on either end of a see-saw; it would sit at a standstill parallel with the ground. With a blend of German Tradition hops and American Willamette hops, there is just enough hop bitterness, flavor, and aroma to keep your nose and taste buds wanting more. A combination of 5 different malts give this beer a hint of caramel sweetness, a splash of breadiness, and just the right amount of character to make this simple style wanting your taste buds to do The Waltz. 


As Carol King once eloquently put it “Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, all you have to do is pour yourself a City Lights Amber Ale.” That’s how I remember that song at least. A year-round pleaser best shared with a few friends. 

Food Pairings 

The world is your oyster with this beer; coincidentally with a touch of horseradish and cocktail sauce this Amber Ale is a great pair for oysters. Also goes well with a wide range (free range of course) of chicken dishes, smoked meats, and burgers. Let’s not forget bacon either.“

As you know, Kris Hinrichs is a marvelous photographer who has beautifully captured each week’s progress.  A loyal reader suggested that we publish a coffee table book of the photographs Kris has taken. Copyright matters aside, that is quite a tribute to Kris and her magical work:

I met with a millennial recently and talked about how Facebook has changed the way some people communicate and that well-constructed sentences and grammatically correct conversations don’t have the importance they once did. She said nothing, but gave me a “thumbs up.”

The excitement for all involved in this project is palpable. If I could harness the energy expended by our team, contractors, sub-contractors, designers, architects and vendor partners, there would be no need for the ginormous transformer WE Energies has installed.

With each passing day, the dream of City Lights Brewing Company comes one step closer to becoming a reality. With the drywall installed and the equipment coming in, the reality is manifesting itself into something that actually looks like a brewery and tap room.

Admittedly, I am somewhat “quirky.”  (The word “quirky” is a derivative from “Quixote” as in “Don Quixote” from the classic “Man of La Mancha.”)  Consistent with my faux-renaissance nature, I close with these lyrics from my main man DQ...

“To dream the impossible dream…” May all of your impossible dreams come true!