Congratulations to Brett Favre on his induction into the National Football League Hall of Fame. In the mid/late 1990’s, I had the good fortune to work with Brett on a few promotional campaigns. At one time, our basement was filled with authentic, Favre-signed merchandise.  Each of the knuckleheads that founded 4 Brothers used their Favre-signed balls and jerseys in backyard games and for our traditional Thanksgiving Day “bragging rights” game. Good planning boys! (And oh, the Favre stories I could tell…..)

The evolution of our iconic 1900’s buildings into a state-of-the-art craft brewery is an amazing sight.  As our diligent crew saw-cut the cement and removed the 100 year old concrete, they discovered rail lines well below the surface. I’m guessing these were used to transport the coal used in the gasification process to light the City Lights of Milwaukee. How cool! (And for those transporting that sedimentary rock, their names are phonetically analogous to that of the famous songwriter, Cole Porter.) And did you know that there is a poster of our Tower Building available for purchase from the Milwaukee Historical Society?

Random Beer Facts:

·         Beer and Marijuana are cousins: beer’s hops are in the same family of flowering plants as marijuana. Duude!

·         The first use of the term “cocktail” as a mixed drink is linked to the year of Independence, 1776, and a barmaid named Betsy Flanagan at Halls Corners in Elmsford, New York. Flanagan used cock feathers to decorate the back of the bar. When one of her customers requested a cocktail, she served the mixed drink with a feather in it. (At City Lights Brewing Company, we believe that each City Lights beer will be truly special – and featherless! That is why we’ll serve each beer in a glass chosen specifically to highlight the nuances of that particular variety.)  

I just found out that our rough carpenter who is from Finland takes a plane to work – everyday.

The Milwaukee Business Journal recently profiled City Lights: . Great article! If all goes according to plan, we’ll (finally) open in November. Thanks for your support and patience.

Cheers 4-ever,