Millennials! Every marketers' dream catch. I went to church on Sunday and received a Pumpkin Spice Latte Communion wafer. The Communion wine was a 2013 Pinot Noir (which was delicate with excellent backbone and length, providing an aromatic intensity unlike any other grape.) Amen! Can’t wait for Xmas’s “Waissal Up Jesus” to be served. Seasonal beers beware….Church has got some game.

Fun stuff going forward. Truth be told, our river-side location may be too mainstream for hipsters. And our marketing plan is decidedly unhip and non-trendy: passionately brewing high quality craft beers and serving them with pride.

Fun fact: the incredible City Lights buildings were designed by Alexander Eschweiler in 1902 and used by The Milwaukee Gas Company to convert coal to gas to light the city of Milwaukee street lights.  But alas, the campus was only utilized for that purpose for 5 years when the city became current with current and utilized electricity to light the city’s lights.

Work continues to progress on the build-out. The under-ground plumbing and electrical infra-structure has been completed and covered up. The pad for our amazing grain silo is ready to be poured. To support the silo which will have the capacity to hold over 25,000 pounds of grain, 4 helical piers were installed at a depth of 48 feet! Here’s Kris’ weekly photo update: And be sure to check out her panoramic photo album: .

Next week the internal framing will go up as will the overhead lighting fixtures and both buildings will be prepped for the special food grade flooring that will be poured. 

Jimmy the Brewmaster and his amazing brewing team brewed a pilot batch and named it “Sully.”

Jimmy the Brewmaster may also have an alter-ego and alias, “Jimmy the Carpenter.” Jimmy artfully “up-cycled” 115 year old wood flooring that was ripped out as part of the build-out into two/seven foot drink rails, two/eight foot communal tables and 5/bar-height 4 tops. As for the 4 tops, Reach out, I’ll be There!

Have the best Autumnal Equinox ever!